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Israel Company Search Report

We are able to conduct a search on any company registered in Israel

Israel Company Search Report
Company Search Report£1886-8 days
Expedite fee£752-3 days

Israel Companies Registry

We can provide a search report from the Israeli Corporations Authority with the latest information on the target company.

Contents of an Israel Company Search Report

  • Company Name and Name Change if applicable – Company Names are in Hebrew, some companies also have an official English name registered with the Israeli Corporations Authority
  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation/Registration Date
  • Company Type – private limited liabilities company, plc
  • Current Legal Status – active, liquidation, liquidated, deleted
  • Registered Office Address
  • Contact details – where available
  • Business activities
  • Subsidiaries – where available

Company Share Capital:

  • Total Number of Authorised Shares
  • Total Number of Issued Shares
  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Share type – Common, Preference
  • Number of Shares Registered
  • Nominal Value Per Share in NIS

Details on each Director including:

  • Director – Full name
  • Director – ID number
  • Director – Full address
  • Director – Position held
  • Director – Appointment Date

Involvements including on each Shareholder:

  • Company Shareholders – including shareholders name
  • Company Shareholders – ID number
  • Company Shareholders – address
  • If corporate shareholder the company name, company address and company registration number
  • For each shareholder – number of shares held and value

Company Accounts/ Financial information including (if filed):

  • Sales
  • Balance Sheet
  • Fixed assets
  • Current assets
  • Shareholders’ equity
  • Long term liabilities
  • Short term liabilities
  • Profit & loss account
  • Current assets
  • Consolidated balance sheet

Company Filings including:

  • Public record information – charges registered against company – (if filed)
  • Date the Last Annual Report was filed with the Registrar of Companies

Israel Company Search example

Order an Israel Company Search Report

We can supply a Company Search Report on companies registered in Israel.

The document once received from the Israeli Corporations Authority is delivered by email as a PDF.