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Confirmation Statement | UK Annual Return

Confirmation Statement | UK Annual Return

We can assist with filing your Confirmation Statement.

Your UK company must deliver a Confirmation Statement (Annual Return) to Companies House every year, stating the Directors, Secretary, Shareholders, Share Capital and the people with Significant Control.

As these details often do not change from year to year; this statement is now called a Confirmation Statement previously Annual Return.

Should you miss the filing date, the company and its directors can be prosecuted and eventually the company will be dissolved.

The Confirmation Statement to UK Companies House will contains the following:

  • Company Name
  • Registered Number
  • Date to which the statement is made-up to
  • Principal Business Activities
  • Type of company it is, private or public
  • Registered Office Address
  • Address (single alternate inspection location) where the company keeps company records if not at the Registered Office
  • Company Secretary details
  • Directors details
  • Details of the people with Significant Control

Share Capital

A statement of Share Capital as part of your Confirmation Statement, includes:

  • Total number of Shares
  • Nominal Value of the Shares

and for each class of shares:

  • Voting Rights attached to the shares
  • Total number of shares of each class
  • Nominal Value of shares of that class
  • Amount Paid Up and the amount Unpaid on each share

Director and Shareholder details

  • Names and former names
  • Country of Residence
  • Nationality
  • Business Occupation
  • Date of Birth – only the month and year will appear on published records

  • Accounting Services
  • Your Details

  • Company Details

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