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Bulgaria Company Documents

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Bulgaria Company Document examples

As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Bulgaria Companies Registry means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Bulgaria company searches.

We can provide copies of Bulgaria company documents held at the company register, an apostille service can also be provided on certified copies of Bulgaria company documents issued by the Bulgaria Companies Registry.

Companies incorporated in the Republic of Bulgaria are registered in the Commercial Register – this is the governing body where all accounting and reporting documents are filed.

Bulgaria Company Documents
Company Search Report£13812-14 days
Expedite fee£756-7 days

Bulgaria Company Search Report

We can conduct searches at the Bulgarian Companies Registry on any Bulgarian registered company.

The contents of a Bulgarian company search report will include:

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Status – Active, Not Active, Struck-off
  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Registered Office Address
  • Registered Office contact details – where available
  • Address for correspondence
  • VAT registration Number
  • Company Type/ legal form – Limited Liability Company
  • Company Activity – SIC code and description
  • Shareholders/ Owners of the company – percentage of shares held
  • Company Representative
  • Company Accounts including: Latest Annual accounts or consolidated annual accounts filed with the Registry
  • Background Information
  • Company Details – not from the registry – if available

The search report will include details from the Bulgarian Registry and is delivered by email in 3 – 5 days.

Director’s Report & Accounts

We can provide latest Director’s Report & Accounts for Bulgaria Registered Companies. Company accounts filed at the Bulgaria companies registry vary according to the classification of the company.

All companies are required to produce and file annual financial statements following the format of the Fourth Directive of the European Union. The financial statements should include a statement of financial position, income statement, cash flow statement, changes in equity statement and accompanying explanatory notes. The explanatory notes should include an explanation of the accounting policies used. All annual financial statements must be prepared and submitted to the Commercial Register by the 30 June the year following the accounting period for limited liability companies.

Bulgaria Company Search Report example

Bulgaria Certificate of Incorporation

The Bulgaria Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the companies registry when a Bulgaria company is incorporated, We can provide a registry copy of a Bulgaria company incorporation certificate which includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is registered.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

We can provide copies of Bulgaria companies Memorandum of Association which includes, the company name, registered office, registered agent, business activities, share capital the company is authorised to issue, objects and powers of the Bulgaria company.

Company Articles of Association are a statutory company document which form the company’s constitution and internal rules under which the Bulgaria company will be run.

Article of Association must be submitted to the registry for incorporation. The Articles include:

  • The company name
  • The purpose of the company
  • The company’s registered office
  • The amount of share capital
  • The sum to be paid by each shareholder towards the share capital

Small or Medium Sized Enterprise

A company is considered as an SME, if they meet two of the following three criteria in at least one of the previous two reporting periods:

  • Total assets does not exceed BGN 8,000,000 (€4.1m)
  • Annual turnover does not exceed BGN 15,000,000 (€7.7m)
  • Average number of employees does not exceed 250

Annual Return

All companies, including SMEs must, must file an annual return with the Bulgaria Commercial Register.

Bulgaria Company Directors & Shareholders

  • Directors may be of any nationality
  • An OOD may be founded by one or more directors.
  • There is no requirement for a Bulgarian resident director
  • Minimum of one shareholder of any nationality is required.
  • The shareholder may also be its sole director.
  • There is no requirement to appoint a Bulgarian resident shareholder

Registration of a single-person private limited liability company is an EOOD.

Share Capital

The minimum required share capital by law is BGN 2 (EUR 1).

Order Bulgaria Company Documents

The Bulgaria company search report will be ordered from the Bulgaria Companies Registry and is delivered by email. Bulgaria Company documents are ordered from the Bulgaria Companies Registry and delivered by courier.