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Belize Companies Registry

Belize Companies Registry – Belize International Business Companies Registry

The International Business Companies Registry is the central governing body for all incorporations in Belize. The registry is governed by the Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry. This registry is where all incorporation documents must be sent and who issues the Certificate of Incorporation certifying the company is fully registered and incorporated.

Belize Companies Registry functions

The Companies Registry Office in Belize is the central repository of public statutory information on Belize companies.

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Registration of business names
  • Registration of company incorporation documents
  • Registration of changes in business name particulars
  • Enforcement, prosecution and striking companies off the register
  • Provision of information to the public

Services we provide in Belize

Belize Company Restorations – Apply to have your Belize company restored to the Register. We Restore Your Belize Company Effectively With Our Restoration Service

Belize Company Dissolution – No longer require your Belize company, we can assist with formally closing under the International Business Companies Act

Belize Certificates of Good Standing – We provide a fast service for Registry Certified and Apostilled Belize Certificates of Good Standing

Belize Company Search Reports – Order our Belize company search with an extract from the International Business Companies Registry providing the Current Status. We are also able to obtain copies of company information and official documents held the registry

Belize International Business Companies Act

The Belize International Business Companies Act was revised in 2000. The legislation outlines the rules and regulation for incorporating an IBC company in Belize.

Maintaining Belize Company Records

Whilst there are limited requirements to file documents with the International Business Companies Registry. A company is required to maintain certain records and documents with its Registered Agent, these records must include; Memorandum and Articles of Association, Register of Shareholders, Register of Directors and copies of all notices and documents filed with the Registry.

Belize Copies of Company Documents

We provide clients with a fast, easy, efficient and cost effective way of conducting comprehensive company searches and obtaining official documents on Belize companies from the International Business Companies Registry.

Official copies of filed Belize documents can be obtained for you from the International Business Companies Registry. This can include copies of:

  • Belize company Certificate of Incorporation
  • Belize Certificate of Good Standing
  • Belize Articles of Association/ Statutes

Establishing the existence of a Belize company and obtaining copies of official company documents held at the company registry may be required for Due Diligence or Legal requirements.

Apostilled Belize Company Documents

An Apostille enables the presenter to bypass further certification and immediately use the documents in the intended country. All Belize Company documents are complete with certification from an authorised body. An Apostille certificate can be obtained for most Belize company documents.

This involves the addition of a certificate, either stamped on the document itself or attached to the document which certifies country of origin of the document, capacity in which a document has been signed, official seal and place, date and document number

Belize Certificate of Good Standing

We are able to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Companies Registrar certifying that a company is in Good Standing. The Certificate resembles the initial Certificate of Incorporation and is used to formally confirm the company’s continued legal existence. It also confirms that all administrative requirements have been complied with.

Belize Registry Filing Requirements

The Belize International Business Companies Act requires the Registrar maintain the following company information:

Company DocumentsFiled at the Registry
Memorandum of Association and any changesYes
Articles of Association and any changesYes
Certificate of IncorporationYes
Certificate of Change of Name (if applicable)Yes
Register of DirectorsNo
Register of ShareholdersNo
Register of ChargesNo, however these are often filed
Company AccountsNo
Annual Return listing Directors and ShareholdersNo

Belize Registry address:

Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry
Mountain View Boulevard
Belmopan City