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Belgium Company Documents

Copies of the official filed Belgium documents can be obtained for you, from the Register of Legal Entities.

This includes copies of:

  • Belgium company Certificate of Registration / Certificat D’Inscription
  • Belgium company Extract
  • Belgium company Articles / Statutes
Belgium Company Document FeesDelivery Options
Company Search Report – by email £112Express Search – an additional £75

The Belgian company search report is delivered by email in 2 – 3 days

Belgium Company Search

A Belgian company search report includes details of the company, confirms its existence and lists company information.

The company search report information comes from the National Bank of Belgium in Dutch, however, we can provide a translated copy of these official company extracts.

A company search report includes:

  • Company Name/ Naam
  • Company Registration Number / Ondernemingsnummer
  • Company Registration Date/ Date of Incorporation
  • Company Status – Active
  • Company Type/ Rechtsvorm – Naamloze vennootschap, Besloten vennootschap met beperkte , Besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheidaansprakelijkheid
  • Company Address/ Adres
  • Authority /Registry
  • NACE Bel Code / Activiteitscode
  • Business Activities / Objects
  • Company Dates – where available including dates accounts filed,
  • Management of the company where available – Shareholders details are not mandatory so, are included where available at the registry
  • Share Capital – In Euros €
  • Company Accounts including: Latest Annual accounts or consolidated annual accounts filed with the National Bank of Belgium

Official Company File – National Bank of Belgium

We can supply a copy of the official company file containing official extracts of the company file held at the National Bank of Belgium which includes:

  • Company Information
  • A brief overview of the major elements of the annual accounts
  • A comparison of the financial ratios of the company with those of the economic sector it belongs to
  • Table of receipts and expenditure
  • A list of companies of the economic sector the company is within
  • The companies positioning in one of the six defined financial health categories

Establishing the existence of a Belgian company and obtaining copies of official company documents held at the company registry may be required for:

  • Due Diligence – confirmation of a Belgium company’s existence
  • Legal requirements – certified company documents

Belgium Certificate of Good Standing

In Belgium, corporations are registered by the Commercial Court and further details are then filed with the crossroad bank for enterprises (KBO) – Unfortunately, they don’t issue Certificates of Good Standing.

The KBO can issue a extract with all company details in Dutch or French (dependent on where the company is based), which shows that the company is active and the kind of activities it participates in (NACE codes). Although it can be seen to serve a similar purpose, this is not really a Certificate of Good Standing comparable with other jurisdictions.

Certificate of Registration – Certificat D’Inscription

We can obtain a Certificate of Registration / Certificat D’Inscription which is issued by the Commercial Court of Brussels. This certificate is produced once ordered, signed and stamped by the Tribunal de Commerce de Bruxelles.

This official certificate confirms:

  • Full company name
  • Company registration number/Registre des personnes morales sous le numero
  • The company registered address
  • Date of Incorporation/Date de la constitution
  • Confirmation of the names of the board of directors/Le conseil d’administration est compose de

We can provide an Apostilled Certificate of Registration/ Certificat D’Inscription for a Belgium company. This document is legalised and Apostilled at the Federale Ooverheidsdienst Buitenlandse Zaken.

Articles of Incorporation

The articles of incorporation comprise of the following information:

  • Name of the company, including any abbreviations or acronyms
  • Legal form of the company
  • Address of the registered office
  • Date of the company’s articles of incorporation
  • Details of the individuals authorised to administer the company, enter the company into binding arrangements or liquidate the company
  • Date of dissolution, if the company was founded for a defined period
  • Date of the annual general meeting
  • Start and end dates of the financial year
  • Amount of the share capital
  • Name of the director/manager responsible for day-to-day company administration

Annual Accounts – Financial Statements

A company registered in Belgium must maintain a full set of accounting records. Every business operating in Belgium must file a summary of its financial accounts on an annual basis with the Belgian National Bank.

Financial statements must be prepared by all companies incorporated in Belgium – these accounts must be prepared and signed by the board of directors annually, presented at the shareholders meeting for approval and then filed with the Banque Nationale de Belgique.

The financial statements must be filed no later than seven months after the end of the financial year.

The Belgian Companies Code allows companies deemed to be ‘small’ to produce simplified accounting records, and submit simplified annual financial statement and do not require an audit.

Language and Currency

Accounting documents can be prepared in French, Dutch or German and expressed in Euros.