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Belgium Company Documents

Belgium Company Documents

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Belgium Company Document examples

We can provide copies of the official filed Belgium company documents can be obtained for you, from the Register of Legal Entities and these include the Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation and the Company Search Report.

We can also provide a copy of the entire official Company File from the National Bank of Belgium analysing a Belgium company’s financial position.

Belgium Company Documents
Company Search Report£1887-9 days
Certificate of Good Standing Registry Certified£3807-9 days
Certificate of Good Standing Apostilled£55014-20 days
Official Belgium Company File – from National Bank of Belgium£2507-9 days
Director’s Report & Accounts£967-9 days
Expedite fee£75

Belgium Company Search Report

A Belgium company search includes details of the company, confirms its existence and current company information.

The Belgium company search report includes:

  • Company Name/ Naam
  • Company Registration Number / Ondernemingsnummer
  • Company Registration Date
  • Company Status – Active
  • Company Type/ Rechtsvorm – Naamloze vennootschap, Besloten vennootschap met beperkte, Besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheidaansprakelijkheid
  • Company Address
  • Authority /Registry
  • NACE Bel Code / Activiteitscode
  • Business Activities
  • Company Dates – where available including dates accounts filed
  • Management of the company where available – Shareholders details are not mandatory so, are included where available at the registry
  • Share Capital – In Euros €
  • Company Extract from the Belgium Register of Legal Entities
  • Company Accounts including: Latest Annual accounts or consolidated annual accounts filed with the National Bank of Belgium. In Belgium these are filed in Dutch, French or German and a scanned copy of the latests filed accounts are included in the company search report

Belgium Certificate of Good Standing – Certificate of Non-Bankruptcy

In Belgium, companies are registered with the Commercial Court and further details are then filed with the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises (KBO).

We can obtain a Certificat D’Inscription issued by the Commercial Court of Brussels, and confirms registration of the Belgium company and is signed and stamped by the Tribunal de Commerce de Bruxelles.

The Belgium Certificat D’Inscription confirms:

  • Full company name
  • Company registration number/ Registre des personnes morales sous le numero
  • The company registered address
  • Date of Incorporation/ Date de la constitution
  • Confirmation of the names of the board of directors/ Le conseil d’administration est compose de

The Certificate of non-bankruptcy is issued in Dutch or French.

Belgium Company Financial Statements

Belgium registered companies must file a summary of its financial accounts on an annual basis with the Belgium National Bank. These company accounts must be prepared and signed by the board of directors, presented at the shareholders meeting for approval and then filed with the Banque Nationale de Belgique. The company search report includes a copy of the latest filed accounts in Dutch, French or German.

Official Belgium Company File – National Bank of Belgium

We can supply a copy of the official Belgium Company File containing company accounts held at the National Bank of Belgium and can be used to analyse a company’s financial position.

Belgium Company File includes:

  • Details identifying the company
  • Summary of  the annual accounts: balance sheet, profit and loss account, fixed assets and social balance sheet
  • Cash flow table
  • Comparison of the company’s financial ratios with the business sector
  • Position of the company’s financial health compared with a probability of failure within 3 years

The company file is provided by the National Bank of Belgium company file in Dutch or French.

Belgium Company Extract – Extrait Intégral des Données D’une Entreprise

The KBO can issue an extract with all the current company details, which shows that the company is active and the kind of activities it participates in, can be in Dutch or French dependent on where the company is located in Belgium.

The Extract provided is called the Extrait Intégral des Données D’une Entreprise Personne Morale and is an official document that we can have legalised by the Ministry of Economy and if required.

Order Belgium Company Documents

When your order is placed for Belgium Company Documents, we locate the company at the Register of Legal Entities and the National Bank of Belgium. As soon as the Belgium company search report or Belgium company documents are prepared by the registry we get a scanned copy emailed through.