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Austria Company Search Report

We are able to conduct a search on any company registered in Austria. The search report is obtained from the Ministry of Justice and includes the latest information on the target company.

Austria Company Search Report
Company Search Report£1383-5 days
Expedite fee£751- 2 days

Contents of an Austria Company Search Report

  • Company Name / Firma
  • Date of Incorporation / Ersteintragung
  • Company Registration Number/ Firmenbuchnummer
  • Current Company Status
  • Company Legal type / Rechtsform – Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
  • Company Type / Rechtsform – Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)
  • Business Activities / Objects
  • Registered office address/ Business Address – Geschäftsanschrift
  • Headquarters / Sitz
  • Company contact details – where available
  • Company Shareholders / Gesellschafter – shareholders name & shareholding details
  • Share Capital / Kapital – in Euros
  • Managing Director details / Geschäftsführer – including name, date of birth
  • Board / Aufsichtsratsmitglied – including name, date of birth, address and position held
  • Annual filing date for Financial statements
  • Date of filing last financial statements / Elektronische Einreichung Jahresabschluss
  • Austrian national bank ID number for company
  • Detail of changes filed with the Regional Court – including dates filed
  • Electronic copy of the Firmenbuchauszug document – which includes many of the details above
  • Financial Statements /Jahresabschluss-Suche – where available

The extract documents are supplied in German as an electronic extract from the Ministry of Justice, electronic translation of the headings and key text is provided.

Austria Company Search Report example

Order an Austria Company Search Report

We can provide a Company Search Report on company’s registered in Austria.

Please complete our order form so we can assist with your Austria company search and company document requirements. The Austria company search report is delivered to you via email as a PDF.