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Aruba Company Documents

Aruba Company Documents

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Aruba Company Document examples

We are able to supply company searches and documents from the Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Aruba Company Documents
Company Search Report£2284-5 days
Certificate of Good Standing£3004-5 days
Certificate of Good Standing Apostilled£5005-10 days
Expedite fee£75

Aruba Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in Aruba is by law responsible for administering and supervising the Commercial Register and the Foundations Register. The Chamber of Commerce in Aruba reports to the Minister of Economic Affairs. Some documents are not publicly available and not held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry this including the latest director’s reports & accounts, Memorandum of Association, mortgages and charges and shareholders lists.

Aruba Company Search Report

We can conduct searches at the Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry on any registered company.

The contents of an Aruba company search report will include:

  • Company Name
  • Trade Name
  • Company Registration Number – KvK
  • Company Type/ Legal form – Commercial/ Limited Partnerships VOF & CV, Corporation with limited liability NV, Limited Liability Company VBA, Aruba Exempt Corporation AVV
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Status – Active
  • Registered Office Address
  • Registered Office contact details – where available
  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Issued Share Capital
  • Paid-Up Share Capital
  • Objects of the company
  • Directors details – including date of birth, nationality, date effective from – where available
  • Company Details – not from the registry – if available

Aruba Certificate of Good Standing/ Declaration of Good Standing

The Certificate of Good Standing states that the Aruba company has complied with his financial obligation to the Chamber of Commerce, as stipulated in article 15, section 1 of the Trade Registry Ordinance.

A company which is registered with the Aruba registry, is said to be in good standing if it has filed and continued to file all statutory filings and paid all annual fees. We can provide a Declaration of Good Standing in English or Dutch issued by the Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Aruba Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association are not public documents so, the Chamber of Commerce cannot provide copies.

Aruba Companies – Aruba Vrijgestelde Vennootschap

The Aruba Vrijgestelde Vennootschap has limited liability and is is exempt from any taxation in Aruba with regard to its income. The company is incorporated by a civil law notary in Aruba who provides the deed of incorporation.

The company is represented by is its managing directors and is legally required to be represented by at least one legal representative. The legal representative is not a managing director and is NV established and located in Aruba, whose objects include the representation.

All companies, including offshore ones, are obliged to apply for a business license according to the Ordinance on the Establishment of Businesses before initiating their activities.

The capital divided into shares and may be compared with the International Business Company of the British Virgin Islands.

Features of an Aruba Company

  • Only requires one Shareholder
  • Exempt from profit tax in Aruba
  • Is not allowed to do business in Aruba
  • A declaration of no objection must be obtained from the Minister of Justice
  • Share Capital must be at least $6,000 of which at least US$ 1 must be issued
  • Not required to file annual accounts in Aruba
  • Must have its Registered Office and Agent in Aruba
  • General meetings of shareholders can be held in Aruba or anywhere else in the world

Aruba Company Document Order

We can supply Aruba Company search reports and Certificates of Good Standing. To request Company Registry copies of Company Documents from us please, enter the target company name in the order form below. The company search reports are delivered by email, scanned copies of the Certificates are emailed through and the original couriered where required.