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United Arab Emirates Company Documents

The United Arab Emirates is a country where most company information is very confidential.

UAE – Companies Registry – Registrar of Companies

The Registrar of Companies is established under DIFC Law No. 3 of 2006 (Companies Law) as a statutorily created Centre Body

United Arab Emirates Document Fees

  • Company Search Report – by email £320 and £120 if unsuccessful.
  • Express Search – £70

The search report will be ordered and delivered by email in 7 – 10 days. An express service is available for UAE company search reports.

UAE Company Search

We can sometimes provide a UAE company search, depending on where the company is registered.

Company Searches have to be undertaken with a personal visit and in most cases nothing is available not even confirmation that the company is registered, when we can get info it will be limited and expensive.

A UAE company search includes:

  • Company Name
  • Free Zone registered in
  • Licence Number
  • Managing Director Name – where available
  • Shareholder Name – where available
  • Company Details – not from the registry/ free zone – if available

Private companies in United Arab Emirates are not required to publish or disclose balance sheets, this information is strictly confidential and not available from other sources. Our company search report does not include the latest filed Directors’ Report and Accounts.

UAE Company Documents

We can provide:

  • Official documents from Dubai Department of Economic & development (non Free Zone companies)
  • Official documents from Abu Dhabi Department of Economic & development (All companies registered in Abu Dhabi chamber including Free Zones)
  • Official documents from Fujairah Creative City Free zone
  • Official documents from Sharjah Media city Free Zone

In the UAE, there are nearly 40 Free Zones including Offshores. When we have a request for a company search we contact many sources to get the information from them.

In addition, we actually have access to a  database of 1M official documents from the above which helps us to do

  • Director/ Shareholding Check
  • Subsidiaries Check for companies
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owner Check
  • Financial Information

UAE Certificate of Incorporation

The United Arab Emirates Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the United Arab Emirates companies registry when a United Arab Emirates company is incorporated it includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is registered.

We cannot supply copies of this document, because requests have to come from the authorised signatory of the company.

UAE Certificate of Good Standing

Company documents requests have to come from the authorised signatory of the company, unless a Court Order is provided through the Dubai Courts. This means we are unable to provide Certificates of Good Standing for UAE registered companies.

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