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Thailand Company Documents

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As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Bangkok Partnership and Company Registration Offices in Thailand means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Thailand company searches.

Thailand Document Fees

  • Company Search Report – by email £158
  • Expedite fee: £60
  • Memorandum of Association – in Thai – by email £220

The search report will be ordered from the Bangkok Partnership and Company Registration Offices and is delivered by email

Expedite service 8-12 days business days, standard service 12-14 business days

We obtain the Thai company extract/ registration summary affidavit from the Bangkok Partnership and the translated details.

Thailand Company Search

We can supply a Company Search report from the Bangkok Partnership and Company Registration Offices.

The contents of a Thailand company search report include:

  • We can obtain the Thai company report with registration details and current company details in English
  • Thai Company Name
  • Company Name translated into English
  • Company Registration Number
  • Registration Date
  • Company Activity/ Object
  • Licence Number
  • Tax Number and Tax Issuing Authority
  • Vat Number and VAT Issuing Authority
  • Authorised Capital
  • Company Type – Private Company with Limited Liability
  • Registered Share Capital – in Baht
  • Company Director names
  • Registered Office Address
  • Company Contact details – where available

Share Capital details including:

  • Authorised Share Capital
  • Share Value
  • Paid-Up Capital

Shareholders details including:

  • Shareholders Full Name
  • Percentage of Shares held
  • Number of Shares held
  • Amount in THB currency
  • Country of residence

Financials Accounts

  • Where available the latest accounts

Additional details where available Including

  • Number of employees
  • Affiliates including name, country, primary business activity and Industry
  • (Please note on the English translation, personal names are translated phonetically from the Thai, and may not exactly match passport spellings)

Thailand Certificate of Incorporation

The Thailand Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the Partnership and Company Registration Offices when a Thailand company is incorporated, We can provide a registry copy of a Thailand company incorporation certificate which includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is registered. The document is in Thai.

Director’s Report & Accounts

An annual financial report summary can be provided for the latest accounts filed by the Thailand Registered Company. The Thai original is provided with an English translation. We can obtain from the registry and translate the annual financial report he cost does depend on the report length. The search report includes the accounts where available.

Shareholder List

We can provide the current company shareholder list, this would be the Thai original, plus an English translation. The document includes the company name, registration number, shareholders, nationality, occupation, address, number of shares and the share certification number.

Company Directors

Companies have a legal obligation to maintain certain company registers, we can provide details of the registered company directors for Thailand companies. The directors names are included where available in the company search report.

Thailand Certificate of Good Standing

We cannot provide a Certificate of Good Standing for a Thailand company but, the company search on the Thai company will confirms the company is currently registered.

Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association

We can provide copies of Thailand companies Memorandum of Association which include the objects and powers of the Thailand company. Company Articles of Association are a statutory company document which form the company’s constitution. These documents would be filed at the registry in Thai, translation services are available.