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Puerto Rico Company Documents

Puerto Rico Company Documents

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Puerto Rico Company Documents
Company Search Report£1383-4 days
Certificate of Good Standing£2003-4 days
Expedite fee£751 days

Puerto Rico Company Search Report

We can provide a Puerto Rico company search report which is a summary of the latest information on the company held by the Department of State. To conduct the search we require the Company Name and Register Number. The company search report includes information regarding the entity, transactions and annual filings.

Certificate of Good Standing – Certificate of Existence

To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing or a Certificado de Existencia, all filed annual reports must be up to date with the Registry.

Validate Certificate of Good Standing

Companies can validate their Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Existence online within a year from the Certificate date and can be found on the bottom of the certificate, right above the validation number.

To validate the certificate enter the Certificate Validation Number, when located the screen will display the certificate’s information, print the page to have evidence of the validation.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation are filed with the state government to create a corporation. Upon filing the articles of incorporation, the state will issue a certificate of incorporation or a corporate charter.

The regulation or bylaws are the provisions to which any natural or legal person who owns or is a member of the corporation is subject. These provisions are contained in the constitutional document of the corporation and presents detailed standards or rules that allow the inner workings of the organisation. The regulation is not filed with the Department of State because it is internal to the corporation.

Company Dissolution in Puerto Rico

According to the laws in the Government Puerto Rico, principals of a business entity have the legal right to voluntarily terminate the registered corporation and dissolve the business entity. Dissolution is permitted by an authorised officer of a business entity can dissolve the registered corporation. A corporate resolution at the time of the dissolution action must be filed.

When dissolution is made effective, the name of the corporation is reserved for a maximum of 30 days since the day of dissolution.

Order Company Documents

Puerto Rico company documents are ordered from the Department of State and delivered by email.