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Paraguay Company Documents

Paraguay Company Documents

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As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Mercantile Registry of Paraguay means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Paraguay company searches.

Paraguay Company Document fees

Paraguay Company Documents
Company Search Report£25812-14 days
Expedite fee£756-7 days

Paraguay Company Search Report

The Paraguay Company Search is a summary of the latest information filed at Mercantile Registry, confirms the existence of the company and provides further company details disclosed by the company.

We can provide a search on a company includes:

  • Company Name
  • Name Change – if applicable
  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Legal Form/ company type
  • Current Legal Status
  • Historical company summary – where available
  • Dates of any bylaw alterations at the Registry
  • Capital structure including authorised nominal capital, issued capital and paid-up capital
  • Controlling shareholders name and shares held
  • Board of Directors – including position held and names – where available
  • Business Category
  • Financial Statements including balance sheet – where filed and available
  • Company principal activity
  • Registered office address
  • Company contact details

Paraguay Certificate of Incorporation

The Paraguay Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the Mercantile Registry and we can provide a registry copy of the company incorporation certificate which includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is incorporated under the relevant companies acts.

Paraguay Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing issued by Mercantile Registry, confirms the company has a status of Good Standing with the registry and is up to date with the statutory filing requirements.

Memorandum of Association

We can provide copies of the Memorandum of Association which includes, the company name, registered office, registered agent, business activities, share capital the company is authorised to issue, objects and powers of the Paraguay company.

Accounting and Reporting

It is a requirement in Paraguay for all companies file with the Mercantile Registry financial statements in line with accounting practices prescribed by the Code of Commerce. Financial statements and documents must be filed with auditor reports and reports from independent public accountants.

Financial accounts must be presented in Spanish and must be approved by the shareholders at the annual meeting before being submitted to the Mercantile Registry.

Directors and Shareholders

We can provide details of the registered company directors for Paraguay companies, Only one director is required for a Paraguay company, with no restrictions on nationality or residency.

At least two shareholders are required, with no restrictions regarding nationality or residency.

Paraguay Companies

A Paraguay companies initial incorporation details are published in a local newspaper, then the company is registered at the local Servicio Nacional Integrado de Administracion Aduanera y Tributaria and Registro Unico de Informacion Fiscal to obtain their fiscal number.

A company is considered a foreign owned company if more than 49% is owned by a foreign national, between 49% and 19.9% owned by a foreign national is a mixed company and national companies are classified when less than 19.9% is owned by a foreign national.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) (Compalia en comandita. Simple o por acciones) – here the company’s obligations are guaranteed by a given capital, divided into quotas, which cannot be represented by shares or other negotiable instruments
  • Share Capital Corporation -Sociedad Anonima S.A. – where liability is limited to the amount of capital

Share Capital

The minimum capital requirement for a company incorporated in Paraguay is BSF 20,000 – €2000.

Paraguay Company Credit Reports

With a Paraguay Company Credit Report we conduct an investigation on the target company, include the latest information on the company held by the Mercantile Registry and credit recommendations are included, where financial data has been filed.

Paraguay Company Document Order

The Paraguay Company Registry can provide a variety of documents. To request Company Registry copies of Company Documents from us please, enter the target company name and select the documents required.