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Nigeria Company Documents

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Nigeria Company Document examples

As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Nigeria company searches

Nigeria Company Document fees

Nigeria Company Documents
Company Search Report£2284-6 days
Expedite fee£753-4 days

Corporate Affairs Commission

The Corporate Affairs Commission was established by the Companies and Allied Matters Act to regulate the formation and management of companies registered in Nigeria.

Nigeria Company Search Report

The Nigeria Company Search is a summary of the latest information filed at Corporate Affairs Commission, confirms the existence of the company and provides further company details disclosed by the company.

A Nigeria company search includes following information:

  • Company Name
  • Previous Company Names – with details of change of name date
  • Company Registration Date
  • Company Type – Limited Liability Company with shares, Public Limited Company, Limited by Guarantee
  • Company Registration Number – RC Number
  • Registered Office Address
  • Recent filed changes to Registered Office address – date of filed resolution by the board of Directors
  • Changes to Registered Office address
  • Company Activity/ Main Objects – description from the filed Memorandum of Association
  • Borrowing powers – from the filed Articles of Association
  • Pre-emptive Rights – from the Articles of Association
  • Restrictions on Transfer of Shares – from the Articles of Association
  • Annual Returns – dates of Annual Returns filed and those due
  • First Directors – including name and an address
  • Subsequent Changes to Board of Directors – where registry notified and available
  • Details of subsequent changes to the board of Directors
  • Authorised share capital at incorporation – NGN – Nigerian Naira
  • Increases to Authorised share capital – where registry notified details are included
  • Initial subscribers and Shareholders details – including full name and number of ordinary shares held – where available
  • Current Shareholding details – where available
  • Subsequent allotment/ transfer of shares – where registry notified with share transfer form
  • Company Secretary details – name and address
  • Charges filed at registry – where available
  • Compliance details – if annual returns filed, any overdue
  • Other information filed at the registry – where available

Accounting and Reporting

Companies are legally obliged to produce and maintain director and shareholder registers that are available for public inspection upon request.

Accounting and reporting requirements apply that oblige all Nigerian companies to file annual returns, annual tax returns and other financial documents. Annual financial documents must be submitted to the Corporate Affairs Commission within 42 days of the Annual General Meeting. Non compliance will result in penalty charges and the risk of the company being struck off the companies register.

Nigeria Certificate of Incorporation

The Nigeria Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission and we can provide a registry copy of the company incorporation certificate which includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is incorporated under the relevant companies acts.

When available we can sometimes provide a copy of a Certificate of Incorporation for any company registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission.

Memorandum of Association

We can provide copies of company documents including the Memorandum of Association where available. In Nigeria we would recommend a company search initially to check the latest company details and documents filed and available.

Registration of all companies is handled by the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Shareholders & Share Capital

The minimum share capital for a Private Limited Liability company in Nigeria is NGN10,000 (€100).

A minimum of two shareholders are required for a company in Nigeria, with no restrictions placed upon residency or nationality. The maximum number of shareholders for Private Limited Company is 50.

Company Directors and Company Secretary

A minimum of two directors  are necessary for a Nigeria company and a resident company secretary is required.

Order Nigeria Company Documents

To proceed with ordering a Nigeria Company Documents we simply require the company name, we will then check the company file with the company registry. The Nigeria search report is delivered by email with the latest details from the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.