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Monaco Company Documents

Monaco Company Documents

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We have experience working with the Monaco Company Registry and are able to conduct comprehensive company searches and retrieve registry copies of official company documents.

Monaco Company Document fees

Monaco Company Documents
Company Search Report£1385-7 days
Expedite fee£752-4 days

Monaco Companies Registry – Consulter le Répertoire du Commerce

Netherlands Companies Registry

General Court Registry
Palais de Justice
5, rue Colonel Bellando de Castro
MC 98000

The Trade and Industry Registry is the official register of all companies, commercial activities and economic interest groups in Monaco.

It ensures that all the legal formalities relating to setting up a business, and authorisation to run and advertise a business, have been met.

Monaco Company Search Report

We can provide a company search report from the Consulter le Répertoire du Commerce et de l’Industrie in Monaco.

The company search includes:

  • Company Name/ Raison sociale
  • RCI number/ Numéro RCI – The composition of RCI number consists of 8 digits: the first two digits is the year, followed by the letters P or S and then the five digits for the registration number.
  • State/ État
  • Structure/ Structure
  • Status/ Statut
  • Company Activity/ Activité
  • Establishment type/ Type d’établissement
  • Registered Address/ Adresse
  • The search usually includes an extract with electronic translation – please note the amount of information available can vary depending on the company type and status

All companies are legally required to draw up a statement of accounts, a profit and loss statement and a management report and to submit these accounting records to the Trade and Industry Registry – these accounting documents are not publicly available.

Please note we cannot obtain information about société civile particulièr  (SCP)  or  société civile immobilière  (SCI)  entity types as this information is confidential

Memorandum and Articles of Association

In Monaco the Memorandum and Articles of Association are drawn up as a privately-signed deed or as an official deed. It may be possible to obtain copies of company’s Articles of Association, we must make a written request to the Chief Registrar Greffe Général at the courthouse palais de justice stating the reasons for our request.

Monaco – Société à Responsabilité Limitée (Sarl)

The société à responsabilité limitée is the most common legal form.

ShareholdersMinimum of two shareholders their is no maximum
ActivitiesCommercial, professions and non-trading activities cannot be performed by a Sarl
Share Capital€15,000 minimum
Company formed byPrivately-signed or official deed
A transcript of the Memorandum and Articles of Association is published in the Journal de Monaco