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Kenya Company Documents

As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Kenyan Registrar of Companies means, we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Kenya company searches.

Kenya Document Fees

  • Company Search Report – by email £168

The company search report will be ordered from the Kenya and delivered by email in 5 – 7 business days.

Kenya Company Search

The Kenya Company Search is a summary of the latest information filed at Kenyan Registrar of Companies, confirms the existence of the company and provides further company details disclosed by the company.

The contents of a Kenya company search report include the following:

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Type – Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Tax Identification Number – where available
  • Registered Office Address
  • Principal Directors names – A Kenya company is requires to have one director, with no restrictions on nationality or residency – director details are included where available
  • Shareholders details – details included where available
  • Company Secretary details – Only companies with a Nominal Capital of over KES 500,000 are required to have a Company Secretary – details included where available
  • Share Capital – where available
  • Company contact details – where available
  • Additional Details not from the Kenya Registry – where available

Kenya Certificate of Registration

The Kenya Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the Kenyan Registrar of Companies upon incorporation. We can provide a Certificate of Registration which confirms the company was incorporated, and is currently registered with the Registrar of Companies. The Registration Certificate includes the company name, business registration number, company activity, registered address and details of the owner. The Registration Certificate is an electronic certificate issued and dated by the registrar once ordered. We can as an additional service provide the document notarised and apostilled.

Accounting and Reporting

All companies in Kenya are required to file annual returns, financial statements and annual tax returns with the Registrar of Companies, under the Kenyan Companies Act and the penalty for not filling these documents is company de-registration.

Kenya Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing is not a document provided in Kenya by the Registrar of Companies.  Alternatively we can provide the electronic Registration Certificate which confirms the Kenya company is currently registered.

Memorandum and the Articles of Association

The Memorandum and Articles of Association which sets out the objectives of the company and the internal constitution of the company. We can provide on request a scanned copy of the Memorandum of Association for a registered Kenya company.

Company Directors

Companies have a legal obligation to maintain certain company registers, we can provide a Kenya company search which includes details of the registered company directors for Kenya companies. A register of company directors and shareholders is filled at the Registrar of Companies.


The Registrar of Companies in Kenya holds a register of shareholders and their details, which can be inspected publicly. A company search on a Kenyan company will provide the details on company shareholders held at the Registrar of Companies.