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Ghana Company Credit Report

The Credit Report was designed with the following objectives:

  • How long has the business been in existence
  • What is the address and contact details of the business
  • How many Directors does the business have
  • Should the business be granted credit
  • What credit limit should the business be offered

With credit data from over 400 financial institutions – Banks, Non-Banks, Micro-finance, Rural banks etc. with over 30,000,000 consumer and 300,000 business credit records, the credit report is the best fit for your reliable credit information needs.

Reports generally comprise:

  • Operating address and contact details
  • Profile and history of target company
  • Company activities, products and services
  • Financial figures – where possible
  • Registration information and date of incorporation
  • Registry and official information
  • Ownership and management
  • Legal status and payment information
  • Credit rating and opinion, payment experience and commentary

Credit rating generally calculated from the following:

  • Age of company
  • Legal form
  • Size
  • Activities
  • Financial statements
  • Parent company
  • Director/ Shareholder structure
  • Current and assets owned

Our reports are the result of personal contact, interview and investigation combined with access to official sources.