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Cook Islands Company Documents

Cook Islands Company Documents

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The company registry in the Cook Islands is maintained by the Financial Supervisory Commission. Our relationship with the Companies Registry means we can conduct comprehensive company searches on Cook Island companies.

Cook Islands Company Document fees

Cook Islands Company Documents
Company Search Report£2584-6 days
Expedite fee£752-3 days

Financial Supervisory Commission

The Financial Supervisory Commission is responsible for the supervision of regulated financial entities and financial services in the Cook Islands.

The Registrar acts as the Registrar of International and Foreign Companies, Limited Liability Companies, International Trusts, International Partnerships and Foundations.

Cook Islands Company Search Report

We can provide a company search from the Cook Islands company registry which is over seen by the Financial Supervisory Commission.

The search report including the latest available company information. This will only include the company details which are not confidential.

We can provide a search on a Cook Island company which includes:

  • Registrar confirms the name of entity
  • Date of registration
  • Company Registration number
  • Registered office
  • Relevant administering trustee company contact details
  • Company Status – the records are reviewed for registered and struck off companies and if the company is struck off this will be confirmed

To search the whole file at the registry on a Cook Island company consent must be obtained from a director of the Cook Islands company.

Client privacy is important in the Cook Islands, so company information is not publicly listed. There is no public registry of LLC’s and IBC’s’ and information can only be obtained with permission from the Company itself.

In the Cook Islands the incorporation documents don’t include the name or identify the shareholders or directors.

The Shareholder registers are held by the Resident Agent and confidential.

Cook Islands International Trust

Types of Entities for International Trade, Estate Planning, Investment, Tax Planning and Asset Protection in the Cook Islands are:

  • Cook Islands International Business Company (IBC)
  • Cook Islands Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Cook Islands Foundation
  • Cook Islands International Trust

Trusts are registered in the Cook Islands under the International Trusts Act 1984. Key features of Cook Islands International Trust include:

  • No requirement to file the trust deed with the Registrar
  • Asset protection legislation
  • Cook Islands courts will not recognise or give effect to certain judgements of foreign courts in relation to International Trusts
  • No taxation in the Cook Islands
  • The Cook Islands legislation is unique in that many of its features must be formally adopted in the trust agreement

The Cook Islands law contains a number of features that make the operation of an asset protection trust administratively friendly and highly protective. You would require over $100,000 in liquid funds to set up a Cook Islands International Trust.

Cook Islands International Business Company (IBC)

International Companies are incorporated in the Cook Islands under the International Companies Act 1981. 1982. Key features of Cook Islands International Business Company include:

  • Only one shareholder required
  • Only one director required
  • No requirement for Cook Islands resident director
  • No minimum share capital requirement
  • Shares can be of No Par Value
  • Shareholders can agree to waive AGM’s and appointment of an auditor
  • Accounts do not have to be filed
  • The company name can by in any language
  • The company must pay an annual government fee and file a basic annual return

Cook Islands Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Companies in the Cook Islands are incorporated under the Limited Liability Companies Act 2008. Key features of Cook Islands Limited Liability Companies include:

  • Single Member LLC’s allowed
  • Accounts are not required to be filed
  • No requirement for any Cook Islands resident directors
  • Confidentiality – no public registry of LLC’s

Cook Islands Foundations

Foundations are established in the Cook Islands under the Foundations Act 2012.

Registration of a Cook Islands Company

The Company Documents which are prepared for the registration of a Cook Islands company are:

  • Declaration of Compliance
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Registration of Registered office
  • Particulars of Directors and Secretaries

Annual Government fee

The annual return fling fee for a Cook islands company depends on the nominal share capital of the company. The first annual return must be filed within 12 months of registering the company in the Cook Islands. Subsequent annual return forms must be filed before the 1st of July of the following year.

Order Cook Islands Company Documents

The Cook Islands Company Registry can provide a variety of documents. To request Company Registry copies of Company Documents from us please, enter the target company name and select the documents required.