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Anguilla Company Documents

Document Order

We can provide copies of company documents from the Anguilla Commercial Registry, the documents we can provide include:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Articles of Amendment

Anguilla Company Document fees

  • Company Search Report – by email £168
  • Certificate of Good Standing – £180
  • Certificate of Incorporation – £180
  • Expedite fee: £60

The Anguilla search report is delivered by email in 3 – 5 days.

Anguilla Commercial Registry

The Anguilla Commercial Registry maintain the register for: International Business Companies – Limited Liability Companies – Limited Partnerships and Anguilla Foundations.

Anguilla Company Search

We are able to conduct a company search on any company registered in Anguilla. We contact the Anguilla Commercial Registry and obtain the latest information on the target company which will show the companies current position and status.

Information obtained from the Anguilla Commercial Registry included in the search report includes:

  • Company Name
  • Company Registration number
  • Company Incorporation date – the Certificate of Continuance is the certificate of incorporation of a continued company
  • Continuance date – where applicable – Companies incorporated in any other jurisdiction may be continued into Anguilla as an IBC.
  • Company Type: COC – Companies Ordinance Company, ABC – Anguilla Business Company, IBC – International Business Company, LLC – Limited Liability Companies, LP – Limited Partnerships
  • Company Status: Active and in Good Standing, Not in Good Standing, Dissolved, Active & Pending Strike off – the company’s secondary status is pending strike off because the annual return fee for is at default or remains outstanding
  • Registered Agent address
  • Registered Agent contact details – including telephone, email and website
  • Company Directors/ Shareholders – With IBC’s the names of directors/ shareholders are generally not filed at the registry. With Ordinary Companies in Anguilla the directors and shareholders names are filed and are therefore included in the search
  • Additional company details not from the registry – where available

If the company is an Ordinary Company – the directors names, shareholders are filed at the Anguilla Commercial Registry and therefore included are in the search.

With IBC’s the names of directors and shareholders are not filed at the Anguilla Commercial Registry, however there is an option to do this so, if available these would be included. With an IBC the information on the Beneficial Owners is kept at the Registered Office and not available to the public.

IBC Confidentiality & Privacy

In Anguilla the names of the shareholders and directors are not part of any public record and are known only to the registered agent.

Anguilla Certificate of Good Standing

A company which is registered with the Anguilla Commercial Registry, is said to be in Good Standing if it has filed and continued to file all statutory filings and paid all annual fees which are due.

Copies of the company documents must be kept at the Registered Office of the Anguilla company this includes, the Articles of Incorporation, General by-laws, Certificate of Incorporation and the Register of directors and shareholders.

Accounts – Financial Statements

Annual accounts are not required to be filed with the Anguilla Commercial Registry although, there are requirements for the directors to maintain financial information to enable them to operate and function properly in Anguilla.

Certificate of Incorporation & Articles of Incorporation

Upon Incorporation of a company the Certificate of Incorporation and and Articles of Incorporation are generated by the Anguilla Commercial Registry.

Memorandum & Articles of Association

In Anguilla they don’t have Memorandum & Articles of Association  There are Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Certified – Apostille – Legalisation

We can usually provide apostille company documents for companies including the Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing and Association of Incorporation.

Anguilla Company Document Order

We can provide copies of official company documents and conduct searches for companies registered in Anguilla. To request Company Registry copies of Company Documents from us please, enter the target company name, select the documents required.