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Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

A Certificate of Incorporation is the company document, which shows that the requirements of the Companies Act were complied with at registration and that the company was registered at the Companies Registry.

The Certificate of Incorporation usually includes the following:

  • Registered Company Name
  • Company Registration Number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Company Type
  • Companies Act

We can provide copies of the Certificate of Incorporation for a company, which is Registry Certified by the registrar’s official seal or stamp. Where required we can provide an Apostille service for Company Documents including the Certificate of Incorporation.

Current Company Status

The Certificate of Incorporation shows the date a company was registered and the Company Registration Number but, it does not show the current company status. You can in addition order a Company Search Report showing the current company status or the Certificate of Good Standing which confirms the company is currently compliant and in Good Standing with the Companies Registry.