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alabama certificate of good standing

Alabama Certificate of Good Standing

The Alabama Certificate of Existence also referred to as the Alabama Certificate of Good Standing is an official document issued by the Alabama Secretary of State that certifies that the legal entity is registered with the State of Alabama and is compliance with all state required formalities.

Alabama Secretary of State
P.O. Box 5616
Alabama 36103-5616

Timescale to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing

Standard Service – 7 days
Expedite Service – 1-2 days

Alabama Certificate of Good Standing Fees


Alabama Good Standing Certificate example

alabama certificate of good standing


An Act, To amend Section 40-2A-10 Code of Alabama, 1975; to remove the good standing certificate; and to provide for a compliance certificate that certifies that the entity is in compliance with all state taxes. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA: Section 1. Section 40-2A-10, Code of Alabama 1975, is hereby amended to read as follows: Ҥ40-2A-10.