Nevada Ready Made Companies

All companies are in Good Standing with the State of Nevada - the Ready Made companies we currently have available in Nevada:

We have around 10 Ready Made LLCs or Corps - dating from 2007 - the have been incorporated with neutral names like:

April, First, Goodman, Highland, Pilgrim and followed by Trading, Holdings, Management

We do not list the actual company names on our website otherwise it would show up on a Google search after purchase.

All of our Nevada ready made companies:

  • Are Private Limited Companies (Corps or LLC's)
  • Can operate anywhere in the world
  • Offer shareholders limited liability
  • Can have a sole director and sole shareholder
  • Have wide business objects and can be used for most business activities

Changing the company name of the Ready Made Company

We can also file a company name change the same day as you purchase your company if you wish. That way you get the name you want for your company with all the benefit of an aged corporation.

Changing the Directors

You will need to sign a document confirming our resignation and appointing yourself as the new director.

The company directors will be changed from our staff directors to the directors of your choice and all the formation documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and the relevant company secretarial forms are also immediately available

Aged Nevada Companies

All aged companies have filled dormant accounts since incorporation and have never traded. An aged company is the easy way for your company to establish its business history.

Sometimes an older company will suit your business needs better, this could be for such reasons as:

  • Enhancing your corporate image with an older company
  • Wanting to build corporate credit, age is one of the most important factors used when deciding on credit limits
  • Establishing a business history
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