UK Certificate of Good Standing

A Good Standing certificate states that a UK company has been in continuous, unbroken existence since its Incorporation The certificate issued by Companies House also confirms no action is currently being taken to strike the company off the UK company register.

Certificate Details

When you order the Certificate of Good Stand it is certified by the UK Companies House.

Information included on the Certificate of Good Standing include:

  • Directors - The names are supplied, the addresses if required can also be requested
  • Registered Office - This will give the current registered office of the company
  • Objects - The company’s objects
  • Company Secretary - Where the company has one

Criteria for Issuing a Certificate of Good Standing

Companies House will only issue a Good Standing certificate if the company’s confirmation statement (previously the annual return) and accounts are filed up to date and is a private limited company with at least one director, a public company with a secretary and at least two directors for an LLP.

    UK certificate of good standing

Order a UK Certificate of Good Standing

When your order is placed for a Certificate of Good Standing, we check the status of the UK company with Companies House. Once the document has been prepared by Companies House we get a scanned copy emailed through and the original delivered by courier.

We can provide an Apostilled Certificate of Good Standing which is Apostilled at the Legalisation department of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has the function of legalising UK company documents for use in countries signed up to the Hague Convention.

The Certificate of Good Standing from the Companies Registrar certifies that a company is in Good Standing and confirms the company's continued legal existence. It also confirms that all administrative requirements have been complied with.

If the company is not in Good Standing and a Good Standing Certificate cannot be issued by the Companies House they will instead provide a company search extract showing the current company status.

Certificate – Timescale

A Certificate of Good Standing takes 3-5 days. An Apostilled certificate of Good Standing takes 7 - 9 days. The original UK certificate is delivered by courier.