Switzerland Company Registry

Federal Commercial Registry

The Swiss Commercial Register is administered by the cantons under the supervision of the Swiss Confederation. There are 28 commercial registry offices.

All the commercial register entries made by the cantonal register offices are published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce after having been approved by the Federal Commercial Registry Office.

The Central Register administered by the Federal Commercial Registry Office ensures the right of uniqueness of registered business names in Switzerland.

Certified excerpts of the registry of commerce are ordered from the Cantonal registry of commerce where the company is domiciled.

The Central Business Names Index, is based on the Central Register of the Federal Commercial Registry Office.

Eidg. Amt für das Handelsregister - Federal Office of the Register 
Bundesrain 20
CH-3003 Bern

Swiss Commercial Gazette - SHAB

New companies and changes in the Switzerland commercial register are published in Swiss Commercial Gazette.

Swiss Cantons

Swiss companies are registered in a particular canton, each canton maintains a Commercial Register which maintains the entries of the shareholders, director, capital structure and registered office.

If you incorporate your company in one of the cantons eg. Zurich you also need your registered office in the canton of Zurich.

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