Spain VAT / IVA Registration

Process for Spanish companies to obtain an IVA/VAT number

When we incorporate a Spanish company, we do the following:

  • Obtain a provisional CIF identification number so the company can be incorporated and registered
  • Convert this into a definitive CIF, when the company's deeds have been filed with the Mercantile Register

When the company is fully incorporated, we register your company for taxes. This usually includes:

  • Register formally for IVA:
  • Register for Corporation Tax and Business Activity Tax (IAE)
  • Register for Social Security; if a company is to have employees
  • Get a digital signature, so that notifications and tax returns can be filed online

The CIF number becomes the VAT number when the company registers formally for VAT. This can be converted into a Europe-wide VAT number on the VIES register.

IVA Number

As well as registering Spanish companies for IVA, we also register non-Spanish companies who require an IVA number to trade in Spain or in the EU.

Process for foreign companies wanting to trade in Spain

The foreign company needs to get its identification number (CIF) first.

If the company wants to move from simple identification to trade; they will apply for a CIF on a different register. This can be done in one day, along with:

  • Registering formally for IVA: notifying any premises or explanations
  • Registering for Corporation Tax and Business Activity Tax (IAE)
  • Registering for social security; if a company is to employ straight away
  • Getting a digital signature, so that notifications and tax returns can be lodged on-line

Your company receives a CIF number at the time of incorporation, and your company is then active and can start trading, the CIF number is also your VAT number. When the company starts to trade, we can:

  • Register your company for Economic Activity
  • Register your company as an employer with the Social Security agency

VIES Register

A Spanish IVA number does not appear on the European register unless you apply for it.

This restriction is to prevent tax fraud, any company which has real business in Spain say with premises or staff or a tax agent can convert their IVA number into a European VIES number within 5 days. The company must be in good standing with the Spanish Registry in order to gain an European VAT number.

  • We apply online as we are authorised to do so
  • If require urgently we will go to the tax office with evidence to support your request.
  • All overseas companies who wish to sign public documents in Spain need a CIF number. We can obtain one within 5 days, and the tax office will accept our translations of the original deeds of incorporation as legal translations.

In order to gain a VIES number we require proof of trading within Europe for example:

  • details of contracts or business relations with companies in Europe outside Spain- both purchase and sale
  • details of warehousing or contracts for holding your goods
Spain VAT / IVA Registration Fees
  • We can incorporate a Spanish company with registered office and VAT registration
  • VAT Registration for a new Spanish company - £200
  • VAT Registration for an existing Spanish company - £500