Spain Accountancy Services

We have an office in Madrid, which includes a complete fully compliant Chartered Accountancy practice. The practice includes two qualified accountants, and support staff with many years of experience.

IVA / VAT Registration

We apply for a provisional company tax identification code (código de identificación fiscal/CIF) and register for VAT (IVA). Your CIF will act as your VAT number and allows you to open a bank account in the company’s name and deposit the share capital.

For a Spanish company, we do the following:

Quarterly Accounting

Your company in Spain, has to produce quarterly statements for

  • Advanced income tax payments
  • Withholding taxes on payment of rents if applicable

Regular Annual Accounting

Your company, even if has no activity, need to produce annual accounts and tax returns.

In January we will:

  • produce a yearly summary of transactions with VAT, split into quarters
  • produce a yearly summary of payroll and retentions for professional work; split into details for each person This is used by the tax authorities to produce personal tax returns

In April we will:

  • produce and legalise the nominal ledger (libro mayor) with the Mercantile Registry.
  • produce and legalise the journal (el diario) of the company

In July we will:

  • produce the annual accounts for the Mercantile Registry - the accounts are around 40 pages and is supplemented by notes to these accounts.. Apart from the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements, there are statements about movements on reserves,
  • produce a similar statement for the payment of Corporation Tax. This document contains similar information and is also 40 pages long.


On a monthly basis we will:

• prepare the payroll for your employees
• lodge a form on social security payments to Seguridad Social

On a quarterly basis we will: 

• prepare and lodge the return for advanced income tax payments for your employees

When needed we will: 

• prepare the initial contract for a new employee
• calculate the final payment when an employee leaves the company
• calculate the indemnity when an employee leaves the company as a result of dismissal or redundancy
• advise you on types of contract and the implications thereof

Accounting Fees
  • Accounting Setup Fee - €200, quarterly fee €300
  • Year End Annual Fee - year end accounts and tax return in region of €500
  • Payroll Setup Fee - €200
  • Payroll Monthly Fee - payslips, social security return and advanced income tax return- less than 5 employees - €120