Seychelles Registered Agent

We can provide Licensed Registered Agent services in the Seychelles for your IBC to ensure your company remains in Good Standing at the Companies Registry. We draft a Directors resolution, amend the Memorandum to change the place of its Registered Office and Registered Agent in the Seychelles.

Seychelles Registered Agent - Part IV Seychelles Company Act 1994

  • A company incorporated under this Act shall at all times have a registered office in Seychelles
  • The directors of the company may change the address of the registered office of the company, which change shall be notified to the Registrar.
  • All applications made and all documents required to be submitted to the Registrar under this Act by a company incorporated under this Act shall be made through the registered agent who shall verify in writing the signature of any person appearing on the application or document and the registered agent may accept service on behalf of the company and any service accepted by the registered agent shall be deemed to have been accepted by the company.
  • A company shall, not later than 7 days after changing its registered agent in Seychelles, notify the Registrar of the name and address of its new registered agent and the change shall have effect on the date the Registrar receives the notice of change.

Seychelles Registered Agent Duties

Apart from lending his office address to be used as the legal address of your company, the Registered Agent is also legally responsible for safe custody and update of certain corporate documents - namely, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Register of Shareholders or a copy, the Register of Directors or a copy, copies of all resolutions, notices and filings produced by the company during its course of existence.

Unless the directors of the company have resolved otherwise, the Registered Agent is also the custodian for all Minutes of the Meetings and Resolutions of Shareholders, and all Minutes of Meetings and Resolutions of Directors. It is the duty of the Registered Agent to keep these documents up-to-date and available for inspection by the directors, shareholders and owners of the IBC.

Finally, the Registered Agent acts as the official intermediary between the offshore company and the Seychelles Government, in particular the timely payment of the Government renewal taxes. The Registered Agent performs several important legal functions, without which the IBC would not be able to legally exist.

Transfer your Seychelles IBC Registered Agent

A written request is sent to the current Registered Agent, instructing them to resign and pass the administration of your IBC company to our Licensed Registered Agent in the Seychelles. The current Agent must give us their consent by preparing the resolution reflecting the change. Once we have received the necessary documents from the current Agent we can start the transfer process.

Although the change of Registered Agent is fairly straightforward, clients acting in bad faith (for instance, trying to avoid the payment of fees) may encounter difficulties.

To change your Registered Agent to us

Please email us with the name of your Seychelles company, we will initially undertake a Company Search to prepare the Director's resolution and contact the previous registered agent.

Transferring Registered Agent::

  • Company Search to ascertain documents and standing
  • Transfer-Out fee charged by your current Registered Agent
  • Due diligence for new Shareholders
  • Registered Office /Registered Agent 12 months fee
  • Directors Register Maintenance fee