Seychelles Company Search Report

We are able to conduct a search on any company registered in Seychelles. We contact the Seychelles Financial Services Authority and obtain the latest information on the target company which will show the company's current position and status.

Seychelles Companies Registry

We can provide a search report from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority with the latest information on the target company. The search report includes an extract from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority issued under the International Business Companies Act 2016, which confirms the latest company details including the company status.

Seychelles Company Search Sample

Contents of a Seychelles Company Search Report

The search is for companies registered under the Seychelles International Business Companies Act,

  • Incorporation details including date and registration number
  • Register agent address and contact details
  • Current Legal Status in Good Standing, Not in Good Standing, Struck Off, In Penalty
  • Current company status at the Seychelles International Business Authority

Seychelles Company Search Report - Timescale

A Seychelles company search report is delivered by email in 2 - 4 days.

Seychelles Domestic Companies

In the Seychelles there is a separate Registrar for Domestic Seychelles companies, the search report available on this type of company is slightly different.

Order a Company Search Report in the Seychelles

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