Seychelles Certificate of Good Standing

When a company is in compliance with all necessary filing requirements, has paid all statutory fees and has no outstanding judgements or penalties the company is issued a Certificate of Good Standing by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. We are able to provide a registry copy of this document.

The certificate certifies the follow points:

  • The Company has been duly incorporated under the International Business Act, 1994.
  • The Company is still on the Register of the International Business Companies and that the Company has paid all licence fees and penalties due, payable under the provision of the International Business Act 1994.
  • The Company has not submitted, to the Registrar, an Article of Merger or Consolidation that have not yet become effective.
  • The Company has not submitted, to the Registrar, an Article of arrangement that has not yet become effective.
  • The Company is not in the process of being wound-up or dissolved.
  • No proceedings have instituted to strike the name of the company off the Register.
  • In so far as is evidenced by the documents filed with the Registrar, the Company is in good legal standing.

The certificate is provided from the Seychelles Financial Services Authority with an official seal, stamp and with a Seychelles Financial Services Authority administrator’s signature.

We can supply a Seychelles document apostilled; the apostille involves the addition of a certificate attached to the document which is called legalisation and certifies:

  • Country of origin of the company document
  • Name and identity of the signature - capacity in which a document has been signed
  • Official seal - Name of authority which has affixed a seal or stamp to the document
  • Place, date and company document number

Seychelles Certificate of Good Standing

Under the Seychelles IBC Act should there be a request for a Good Standing certificate for a company that is not in good standing, a Certificate of Official Search will be provided by the registry in lieu of a Certificate of Good Standing.