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Seychelles Ready Made Company

As incorporation in the Seychelles can be achieved in 2 days we suggest incorporating a new company rather than buying a ready made one.

Hermey Investments – For Sale: Seychelles Company Incorporated Jul 2010 – In Good Standing – Registered with the Seychelles Financial Services Authority – 8 years registry filings – £3400

Seychelles Annual Maintenance Fees

Registered Office fee – 420

Established Seychelles Company

Established companies are companies that were incorporated some time ago. They have never traded and are in good standing.

Reasons for purchasing an established/aged company

  • The credibility of your business can be improved with a company that has a longer history
  • You may be in a better position to bid for contracts with an older company.
  • Many countries require a business to have been incorporated for at least 2 years before allowing them to bid for contracts
  • Lenders often require a business to have been in existence from six months to two years before lending – this time period can sometimes be longer
  • Obtaining bank loans and credit facilities are easier when you can show you have a long history.

Changes to the company

We can change the company name if required.