Panama Certificate of Status/ Good Standing - Certificado de Registro Publico

The Panama Certificado de Registro Publico confirms the status of the Panamanian company and confirms if the company is in a state of Good Standing, dissolved or if proceedings have been started to strike the company off the Panama Public Registry.

The certificate is issued by the Public Registry of Panama and provides information on the company incorporated in Panama including:

  • Company Name
  • Registration date of the company
  • Company Status
  • Directors and officers in office
  • Names of subscribers
  • Legal representative
  • Share capital
  • Duration
  • Resident agent in Panama
  • Names of last proxies appointed or powers of attorneys granted.

When you order the Certificate of Status, we will include an English translation of the document information for your reference.

We can provide a Registry Certificate of Status for a Panama company which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Panama can apostille to prove authenticity.

Panama Certificate of Good Standing


Panama Certificate of Good Standing

If the Panama Company is not in Good Standing the registry will issue the Status Certificate confirming the current company status.

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