Netherlands Company Registry

In the Netherlands, registration with the Trade Register is compulsory for every company.

  • Does the company with which I wish to do business exist
  • Is the person I am dealing with actually an authorised signatory
  • What is happening to the company I am doing business with

Kamer van Koophandel (KvK)

The Kamer van Koophandel - Chamber of Commerce has the Trade Register in which there is information about every business in the Netherlands.

Netherlands Trade Register

In the Netherlands registration in the Trade Register is compulsory for every company and almost every legal entity. This means that the register is able to provide reliable information on companies.

Private company with limited liability (BV)

Incorporating a BV company in the Netherlands involves a number of statutory requirements, most important is the incorporation takes place through a notarial deed. This includes the articles of association of the company. A certificate of no-objection from the Ministry of Justice must be submitted before the incorporation can be effected.

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