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Liberia Ready Made Company

Our Shelf Companies are Liberian non-resident corporations that have been formed but have never traded or conducted any form of business activity.

Ready made companies have no speed benefit as incorporation takes just 1 day. However, if you are looking to gain a business history, an established company would be beneficial.

Our Liberian Ready Made companies have:

  • No debts or liabilities
  • Fully organised minute books
  • Annual reports filed with the LISCR where necessary
  • Fully drafted Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Initial share capital paid
  • Registered address
  • Name approved and registered
  • Wide range of business objects
  • Certificates of Incorporation issued
  • Up-to-date resolutions
  • Are in good standing
  • Have never been in default or revoked

The company name, registered address, business objects and Articles of Association may all be changed if required.

Liberia Shelf Company

The price of the shelf company increases with its age, as older companies require more years of maintenance and possess greater credibility by virtue of age.

There are no restrictions regarding the nationality of directors or shareholders.

We complete all necessary documentation and file necessary changes to the company (e.g. directorships, name, objects, etc) on the same day of purchase.