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Italy Ready Made Company

The concept of ‘off the shelf’ companies does not exist as such, in Italy. It is necessary to incorporate in this jurisdiction by registering a new company, which only takes two weeks.

Each new company must be constituted by its shareholders presenting themselves personally, before a Notary. The Notary completes the registration formalities including definition of the company Statuto (Articles of Association) and Atto Costitutivo (Memorandum of Incorporation).

The shareholders must provide proof of personal ID.

Share Capital for a private limited liability company (Società responsibiltà limitata) is €10,000. This amount must be deposited with the Notary before the company can be registered. Upon completion of registration the Notary hands over the capital (less his fees) to the company.

The company requires a registered office in Italy.

The company is normally managed by a board of directors comprising of 2 to 5 shareholders or by a single director (Amministratore Unico) nominated by the shareholders in the Notary’s company constitution deed.

The shareholders must nominate a legal representative of the company. He/she may be the president of the board of directors or the Amministratore Unico.

Non-resident directors must obtain a personal tax code Codice Fiscale.