Customer Service

Iran – Clients

We have been incorporating UK, European and Offshore Companies for over 20 years.

Incorporate a UK Subsidiary Company

We can Incorporate a UK subsidiary company of your Iranian company.

  • We provide Iranian clients a reliable company formation service in United Kingdom
  • There is no need to visit the UK to complete your incorporation
  • Your Iranian Company can be the sole shareholder

UK Company Formation

Including –

  • UK Company Incorporation
  • Set of Apostilled Incorporation Documents
  • UK Registered Office Address
  • Mail Scanning Service
  • Due-Diligence of the Directors and Shareholders
  • Company Secretary service

Opening a Branch of your Iranian Company

To open a Branch we will require a copy of your company file showing:

  • The Directors
  • The Shareholders
  • The Statutes
  • Latest Financial Statements

France – Branch – £2400

  • We will require your Company documents translated into French and Notarised
  • We will undertake a Compliance check for the branch registration
  • We draft all the documents for the French commercial court
  • Electronic registration of the Branch
  • VAT and EORI registration may be possible
  • All fees and expenses included
  • We will provide a Business Address in France
  • We may be able to provide a French phone number re-directed to Iran


It is a legal requirement to carry out Due Diligence on all our clients, their are a lot of  fraudulent companies being incorporated with fake addresses, fake names etc, the HMRC  have put the onus on us to check client IDs.

Clients outside the EU and UK the requirements are more stringent. 

  • A completed application form with compliance documents
  • Notarised copy passports and proof of address for all Directors and Shareholders with 25% shareholding
  • Clients are to take a selfie holding their passport in their hand close to their face so that we can verify that this is the person’s passport
  • Proof of Address and an English translation, we really only need the heading and explanation what the bill is, not a full translation
  • Our insurance company’s requirements ask for a contact number and email of the client that they can be reached at
  • Also the Business Address is required if different from the Registered Office
  • There are issues with Hotmail and Yahoo, email addresses and it would be great if you could provide a business email address rather than a personal one.

Accounting and Tax Agent Services

We offer Accounting and Tax agent services and can provide an additional quotation for this based on your requirements.