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Iceland Certificate of Good Standing

We can obtain from the Skráasvið – Register of Enterprises in Iceland a Certificate of Registration, this confirms the registration details of the company also includes current details of the company and it is dated when ordered. The certificate is available with the main details in English and the remaining text in Icelandic.

The Registration Certificate includes:

  • Company Name/ Nafn félags
  • Company Type – Limited Liability Company
  • Registered Address/ Póstfang
  • Postal Address
  • Company Number/ Kennitala
  • Date Issued by the Register of Enterprises
  • Date of Articles of Association filed
  • Company Directors details – including, ID number, name, address and position held
  • Management details – including, ID number, name and address
  • Share Capital in ISK – Icelandic Krona
  • Signatory
  • Company Activity – Code and description

This Certificate would be the alternative to the Certificate of Good Standing which is not available in Iceland.