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Hong Kong Ready Made Companies

Hong Kong Ready Made Companies

For ready-made companies, it only takes 3 days to prepare the statutory documents for the change of directors and shareholders to you

Features of HK Ready Made Company

Our ready made companies are authorised to commence business activities from the moment of purchase and, as the company is already fully incorporated.

Hong Kong Ready Made fees and Share Capital

  • One year resident company secretary: £550
  • One year registered office: £520
  • Change of company name: £150
  • Significant Control Register: £100

We can provide ready made Hong Kong Companies which are incorporated at least a year ago and all accounting and reporting requirements have been upheld, giving the company a stable and credible history.

Hong Kong ready made companies with standard Memorandum and Articles designed to permit most general activities are available, making it possible to commence business at very short notice.

Our ready made companies are in Good Standing, have not entered into any contracts or engaged in any business activities.

Our ready made companies usually have 10,000 shares of HK$1 and 1 share issued. We transfer the issued share to you and if more shares or additional shareholders are required this can be organised.

The basic requirements for a Hong Kong limited company are having at least one director and a company secretary with the address of the registered office and secretary being in Hong Kong.

We can supply Hong Kong Ready Made companies with:

  • English & Chinese name and Memorandum and Articles in English
  • English name only and Memorandum and Articles in English