Germany Certificate of Good Standing

In Germany, companies are registered by the Commercial Register - Handelsregistereintragung. Unfortunately, they don't issue Certificates of Good Standing but, it is possible to obtain a HRB Certificate.

The HRB Certificate is an extract in German that contains the latest company details filed at the Commercial Register. The certificate from the Handelsregistereintragung confirms on the date issued the company name, company registration HRB number, registered office, domestic business address, branches of the company, company activity, directors, issued share capital and other current filed details.

An electronic copy of the document is included in our German company search report. The HRB certificate is provided in German from the registry, we can get it translated if required.

The HRB certificate can be provided from the Handelsregistereintragung. The certificate can be supplied certified by the court and with an Apostille, this would be delivered by courier.

HRB Certificate sample

Germany Certificate of Good Standing
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