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Delaware Ready Made Companies – Shelf Corporations & LLC’s

Shelf / Ready Made companies are Corporations or LLC’s have never traded and have had the annual government franchise tax paid and the annual reports filed with the Delaware Secretary of State every year.

All companies are incorporated with neutral names and are in Good Standing with the State of Delaware.

We have around 20 Ready Made LLPs or Corps incorporated in 2007

Delaware Shelf Ready Made Companies
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Our shelf companies have never conducted business, never had a tax number or a bank account.

Delaware Shelf Company

Our Delaware LLC & Corps (Inc) shelf package includes:

  • Delaware Certificate of Incorporation
  • DE Secretary of State filing fees paid
  • Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Registered Agent fee until the end of the current year
  • Corporate book with minutes and bylaws
  • Minutes of the first Board of Director’s meeting
  • 10 stock certificates
  • Stock Transfer Ledger
  • Corporate Seal

Appointing the new Directors

We will resign as the directors of the company and the company will be transferred over to you. We will then send you the official company documents, including the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and the relevant Company Secretarial Forms.

Definition of Ready Made – Dormant Companies

An aged company is one that we have incorporated at an earlier date and filled dormant accounts.

You may need an aged corporation for a number of reasons, these include:

  • An enhanced corporate image, which can be achieved with age
  • Other companies will do business with an older company before a brand new one
  • Obtaining bank loans is easier when you can show you have history as most lenders require a minimum of 2 and usually 3 years history in order to establish corporate credit history
  • Obtaining corporate credit cards and leases. For example, some computer companies lease only to corporations 12 months old or more