Sweden Ready Made Company

Incorporating in Sweden takes approximately 2-3 weeks, purchasing a ready made company in Sweden, as an alternative to registering a new company, these formalities are skipped the time to incorporate falls from weeks to hours. This makes ready made companies an attractive alternative for entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate quickly and efficiently, wanting to avoid the length and complex process of registering a new company in Sweden.

A Ready Made Company includes

A Ready Made company is fully registered in Sweden. All ready made companies have a complete set of legal, incorporation and registration documents and are able to begin trading immediately after purchase. Our ready made companies come are complete with:

  • Prepared and drafted Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Company name approved and registered
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • Prepared company registration forms
  • Company documents registered and filed with the Companies Registry
  • Initial Government licence fee paid up upon incorporation
  • Registered company address
  • Registration Certificate

Company name - Our ready made companies have been formed for the purpose of sale, and therefore have been created using neutral names suitable for most business activities. It is possible to change the company name upon request on the same day of purchase. The name must end with "Aktiebolag" or abbreviation "AB", representing Limited Liability Company in Swedish.

Business Objects - Our ready made companies in Sweden have been created suitable for most business acclivities with a wide range of business objects. These may be changed upon request to suit your business requirements exactly.

The Articles of Association and company registered address may also be changed if required.

All changes must be registered at the Trade Register of Sweden.

All ready made companies in Sweden have been fully maintained up to Swedish accounting and reporting requirements, including annual returns, financial statements and company registers. This gives your company a stable and solid history from the moment of purchase - giving your company a good corporate image and reputation right from the beginning. A good reputation and long-standing stable status offers benefits when dealing with clients, suppliers, banks and investors but also enables certain contract bidding that may not be available to newly formed companies.

Ready Made Company

Once you have purchased your ready made company ownership of the company must be transferred to you and the new company directors must be appointed. New directors and shareholders must provide a copy of identification documents such as passport, nationality identity card or driving licence as well as proof of residential address, which could be a bill or credit card statement dated within the last three months.

Share ownership is transferred via a Share Transfer Agreement signed by both parties, with certain documents being provided and authenticated. Notarizations is only required for citizens or corporate bodies of non-EU or EEA member states. Shareholders may be corporate bodies or individuals and of any nationality. Once ownership has been transferred new share certificates will be issued.

As the incorporation agents we currently hold the position of director, but upon purchase of the company we issue a directorship resignation. New directors are then appointed via completing and signing the necessary documentation - or, if granted Power of Attorney, we can complete this process for you. New directors, once appointed, will receive all official company documents such as Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association and company secretarial forms. At least Swedish director is required.

Upon purchase, and once the new shareholders and directors have been appointed, your company is authorised to begin trading immediately.

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