South Africa Company Documents

As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the South Africa Registrar of Companies means we can obtain registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive South Africa company searches.

South Africa Company Search

We can provide a Company Search, with the latest filed company information from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, they records all companies that are registered in South Africa.

The contents of a South African company search report includes:

  • Company/Enterprise Legal Name
  • Enterprise Number/Company Registration Number - from 2000 issue numbers to all newly incorporated companies and close corporations are using a new numbering system that complies with specific criteria. The registration numbers of older existing enterprises were also changed at this time to meet these requirement. The use of the newly allocated registration numbers is compulsory
  • Registered Company Address - postal and office address - where available
  • Postal Address of the Company/Enterprise
  • Company contact details - where available
  • Company Type/Enterprise Type - Pty (Ltd), Proprietary Limited, Personal Liability Company, Inc, Limited Liability Company/Limited by Shares
  • Registration Date
  • Status of the Company/Enterprise - Active/In business
  • Company Activity
  • SIC code
  • Financial year end
  • Vat/Tax Number
  • National ID number
  • Affiliated companies - where available
  • Confirmation if listed on stock exchange

Company Directors details including:

  • Full name
  • ID number/Date of Birth
  • Appointment date
  • Address - residential and postal - where available

Company Shareholders where available, details including:

  • Full name
  • Position held

Share Capital including:

  • Nominal share Capital
  • Subscribed Capital

Company Accounts where available including balance sheet

Additional details including:

  • Summary of changes filed at the Registry - in a list
  • Current Auditor details including name, appointment date, contact details
  • Additional information - where available

South Africa Company Search Report - Timescale

The South African company search report is delivered by email in 3-6 days.

Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

In South Africa the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) deals with the Registration of Companies, Cooperatives, Intellectual Property Rights and the maintenance of companies.

South Africa Certificate of Incorporation

The South Africa Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the South Africa companies registry when a South Africa company is incorporated. We can provide a registry copy of a South Africa company incorporation certificate which includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is registered.

South Africa Certificate of Incorporation

Memorandum of Incorporation

All South African companies are required to have a Memorandum of Incorporation when registering under the Companies Act. In most situations, companies will when registered make use of the Standard Memorandum of Incorporation given by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission.

The respective roles and rights of shareholders and directors, company’s authority levels and rules and requirements are filed at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission within the Memorandum of Incorporation. We can provide upon request copies of a the Memorandum of Incorporation for a registered company.

South Africa Certificate of Good Standing

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission do not issue Certificates of Good Standing for companies registered in South Africa. A Certificate of Confirmation can be provided from the Registry which confirms the current company details on the company filed at the registry.

Annual Return

All companies must submit annual returns to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission to avoid penalties charged and the possibility of being de-registered and closed. When registered companies file this in South Africa they must pay an Annual Return Administration Fee.

South Africa Company Documents

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Company Directors and Shareholders

  • Directors and Shareholders may be of any nationality
  • The names of directors and shareholders are filed at the companies registry
  • There is no requirement to appoint a South Africa resident director
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South Africa Document Fees
  • Company Search Report - by email £158
  • Express Search - an additional £75