Slovenia Ready Made Company

Ready made companies in Slovenia are rare, as such we recommend registering a new company if you wish to incorporate in Slovenia.

We can provide ready made companies with VAT registration, you have to be present with the Notary Public when transcription of the Ready Made Company occurs.

A Slovenia Ready Made Company includes:

  • Initial share capital of €7,500
  • Transfer of the Slovenian Company
  • Opening of a Business Account
  • Translations - during transfer process
  • Taxes
  • The required statements
  • Statements - including statement of office address
  • Slovenian tax number

The transfer process in Slovenia involves additional charges for a court interpreter and witnesses at the Notary office and the charges for a Slovenia Notary.

Features of a Ready Made Company in Slovenia

  • Public Notary procedures are required for company ownership transfer
  • Registration with the Slovenian Trade Register is complete
  • Translation of all company documents
  • Tax registration with the Slovenian Ministry of Justice
  • Registration with the Slovenian Business Register
  • Initial capital of €7,500 fully paid up
  • Company name must be in Slovak and not contain Y, X, Q or W
  • EU citizen does not need a work permit to buy a company in Slovenia
  • Court registration and notification of the Statistical office for a company activity number
  • Shareholders must be approved by the minister responsible for economic affairs
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Slovenia Company Formation
  • It takes 2 weeks to incorporate your Slovenian company
  • 1 director of any nationality is required
  • 1 shareholder of any nationality is required
  • To order your Slovenian company click here.