Slovakia Company Formations

Slovakia Company Incorporation

Slovakia - S.R.O Company Incorporation

  • Approval of your company name
  • Prepare your company registration forms
  • Drafting the Articles of Association / Statutes
  • Execution of all deeds and documents necessary to incorporate the company
  • Filing and execution of the Trade Authorisation Certificate for Free Trade
  • File the documents with the Companies Registry
  • Appoint the Directors
  • Registering your new company into the Commercial Register
  • Payment of registration court fee
  • Create minutes of the board meeting
  • Obtain the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Issue Share Certificates
  • Assistance in opening a bank account
  • Translation into Slovak
  • Assistance in VAT registration
  • Registration with Tax Office to obtain Tax Registration Number
  • All company documents and certificated supplied in a professional folder
  • Delivery of documents by FedEx / DHL courier

Company Name

Your company name can be in any language as long as the relevant translation is approved first. The name approval process takes less than thirty minutes and a name may be reserved for 10 days once approved. Your company name will need to use the suffix "s.r.o" to show that this is a limited liability company.

Company Directors

Only one director is required to incorporate, and there are no restrictions on nationality or residency. Non-EU or OECD nationals must be reviewed by the registry and relevant government bodies in Slovakia before being allowed to hold a directorship.

All directors are required to provide a criminal report before their directorships can be appointed and this report must be translated into Slovakian.

Company Shareholders

  • Members of the EU and OECD may easily become a shareholder
  • Non-EU nationals will have to be reviewed before incorporation
  • Only one shareholder is required
  • Total number of shareholders must not exceed 50

If there is more than one shareholder it must be determined who the deposit manager is, who controls the share capital payment and contributions.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital requirement is €5,000 and the minimum investment per shareholder is €750. Separate classes of shares with different rights to dividends are permitted, subject only to any restrictions in the company's Articles of Association.

Trade License

To begin trading in Slovakia your company will require a trade license - the standard trade licenses in Slovakia are:

  • Buying goods for the purpose of sale to the final consumer (retail) or to other entrepreneurs (wholesale)
  • Intermediary activity in the field of trade
  • Intermediary activity in the field of services
  • Business, organisational and economic consultants
  • Computer and IT services

We can assist in obtaining the appropriate trade license for your company.

Registered Address

Companies incorporated in Slovakia are required to have a registered address where company documents may be legally served. This is the official company address given to the Registry and available to the public as contact information.

If you wish to use your own address in Slovakia a form will need to be completed, signed by the owner of the property and accompanied by an extract from the land registry.

Limited Liability Company - Spoloènos s Ruèením Obmedzeným, spol, s.r.o

Company Registration

The following documents must be enclosed:

  • Confirmation that the company has opened a bank account and has deposited the minimum starting investment.
  • Declaration from the trustee concerning the paying of investments and a bank statement showing the deposit of the investments.
  • Specimen signatures of the legal agent of the company.
  • License issued by the local license office, which includes the name of the person whom it has been issued for and who does have eligibility to carry out such activity in the company.
  • A copy of the foreign company’s statutes authenticated by a notary public.
  • An extract from the Business Register.
  • Authorisation that gives power of attorney to the legal agent of the applying company to sign documents and contracts related to the establishment of the company and act on behalf of the founder.
  • Company name, company’s place of business and its range of business activities in Slovakia.
  • Statement showing the value of basic capital.
  • Statement showing the balance in the reserve fund, which was created at the time the company was established.
  • Names and addresses of the board of directors and supervisory board member. If a foreign person acts in the company name or is a member of the board of directors or the supervisory board, he must be permitted to reside in the Slovak Republic.

Incorporation documents must be presented in the Slovak language - we can provide an official authenticated translation as an additional service.

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Slovakia Fees to Incorporate
  • Company Formation - £1390
  • Provision of Registered Office - £710
  • Company Secretary if required - £550
Slovakia Annual Maintenance Fees
  • Provision of Registered Office - £710
  • Company Secretary if required - £550
  • Directors Register Maintenance - £120
Slovakia Advantages
  • Time - 2 weeks to incorporate your Slovakia company
  • Directors - only 1 director of any nationality is necessary for your company
  • Shareholders - only 1 shareholder are required
  • Share Capital - the minimum share capital required is €5,000 with the minimum share capital contribution per shareholder being €750
  • Tax - low corporate tax rate of 19%
  • Registered Office - your company requires a registered office in Slovakia, which we can provide
  • Support - using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process
Required to Proceed
  • Company Name - so we can check your company name is available
  • Documents - proof of address and copy of your passport
  • Form - complete this form
  • Upload - proof of address & copy passport can be uploaded here