Russia Company Formations

Incorporating in Russia through registering a new company is a complex process, with many formalities and takes around 15 days.

Russian company law requires all Russian companies to be fully maintained up to the standards set by the Federal Law on Accounting and Civil Code of the Russian Federation. We have maintained our Russian companies up to these standards, that includes producing accounting records, annual returns, financial statements and annual audits conducted by licensed auditors qualified by the Ministry of Finance.

This gives your Russian company a longstanding, credible and stable history from the moment of purchase offering substantial benefits regarding the companies image and reputation.

  • Company image enhances with age and implies a stable position
  • Longstanding companies are seen as trustworthy and credible
  • Investors see longstanding companies as less risky
  • Participation in certain tenders or auctions often require a fixed business age before bidding is allowed
  • Clients are more likely to trust and conduct business with a company with a stable history

Upon purchase of a Russian company you will receive copies of all historical documentation dating back to the date of incorporation.

Russian Ready Made Company

Ready made companies in Russia are available for immediate purchase. Purchasing a ready made company gives your company a reputable and longstanding company image from the moment of purchase as it has been fully maintained from the date of registration offering a credible company history.

A Ready Made Company includes

Our ready made companies in Russia are all Private Limited companies with no previous business activities and have no liabilities or obligations. This gives your company a clean track record from the moment of purchase and includes:

  • Drafted and submitted Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Company name approved and registered
  • Minutes of Assembly of Foundation
  • Initial share capital fully paid up on registration of the company
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued
  • Seal of the legal entity
  • Certificate of Inclusion in the Russian State Register
  • Company Statute
  • Certificate of Registration with the Russian Taxing Authority
  • Certificate on the Absence of Arrears
  • Registration with the Russian State Registration Chamber
  • Documents on the opening of the settlement account and account statements
  • Documentation fully translated and legalised in Russian (all documents are required to be submitted in Russian)

As these time consuming formalities associated with registering a new company are complete, shelf companies do not require the amount of paperwork associated with registering a new company. This makes the incorporation process through purchasing a ready made company both quicker and simpler.

Our Russian shelf companies have been created using neutral names suited to a wide variety of business activities. If required, however, it is possible to change your business name on the day of purchase.

Our companies come with a set of wide ranging business objects, a registered address in Russia and fully drafted Articles of Association. These may all be changed upon request if required.

New Shareholders

As incorporation agents we currently own 100% of the company, which is transferred to you upon purchase. This is done through share transfer via a share transfer contract, signed by both the current shareholders and new shareholders. Identification documents are required for the share transfer, such as passports. In the case that the new shareholder is a legal entity, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation is required.

There are no restriction on the nationality or residency of shareholders, and may be individuals or corporate entities.

Directors & Management

Directors of a Russian company may be of any nationality and residency, furthermore, directors can be either individuals or legal entities. As incorporation agents we currently act as the company directors, and upon purchase issue a directorship resignation. The new directors are then appointed through completing and signing the relevant documents; alternatively we can complete this process for you if granted Power of Attorney.

Once the new directors are appointed they will receive all official documentation, such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association and secretarial forms.

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