Romania Company Documents

As company incorporation agents our experience and relationship with the Oficiul Național al Registrului Comerțului in Romania means we can obtain electronic registry copies of company documents and conduct comprehensive Romania company searches.

We are able to supply company documents from the Companies Registry - Oficiului Național al Registrului Comerțului.

The Romanian National Trade Register Office is a public institution, under the Romanian Ministry of Justice and it manages the Central Trade Register. We can provide certified copies of Romania company documents held at the company register, an Apostille service can also be provided on certified copies of Romania company documents issued by the Ministry of Justice in Romania.

Romania Company Search

The Romania Company Search is a summary of the latest information filed at the National Trade Register Office which confirms the existence of the company and provides further company details disclosed by the company.

A Romanian company search report includes the following information:

  • Company Name/ Nume Firmaă
  • Company Registration Number/ Număr de ordine în Registrul Comerţului
  • Registered Office Address/ Adresa sediu social
  • Company contact details/ Contacte sediu social
  • Company Status/ Stare firmă
  • Company Type/ Tip societate - Limited Liability Company/ Societate cu raspundere limitata/ SRL
  • Company Activity/ Activitatea principală
  • Date of last records in the trade register/ Data ultimei înregistrări în registrul comerţului
  • Share capital/ Capital social - including subscribed share capital Capital social subscris
  • Shareholders/ Acţionar details - including corporate shareholder/ acţionari persoane juridice, Name/Denumire, Nationality/ Naţionalitate, Share class/ Calitate, Number of shares/ Număr acţiuni/părţi sociale, capital subscribed and paid capital/ capitalul social subscris şi vărsat, the number and value of shares/numărul şi valoarea părţilor sociale
  • Statutory Auditors/ Cenzori Auditori
  • Branches/ Subsidiaries - Filiale/Sucursale/ Subunităţi - including Name/Denumire, Address/Adresă, Unique registration code/ Cod unic de înregistrare.
  • The latest filed Directors' Report and Accounts/ Situaţiile Financiare Anuale - where available

This extract is in Romanian, we provide an electronic english translated version of the key information.

Romania Company Search Report - Timescale

The search report will be ordered from the Ministry of Justice and delivered by email in 3 - 5 days.

Romania Certificate of Incorporation

The Romania Certificate of Incorporation is issued by the Ministry of Justice when a Romania company is incorporated, We can provide a registry copy of a Romania company incorporation certificate which includes the company name, company number, date of incorporation and states that a company is registered.

Romania Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Good Standing - Certificate Constatatoare

In Romania we can provide a Certificate Constatatoare which is a certificate of company status issued by the companies registry, this confirms the company has a status of Good Standing with the registry.

The Certificat constatator includes the company name, registration number in the trade register, unique registration cade, company's status, company type/ legal form, registered office address, object/ activity of the company, subscribed and paid share capital.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

We can provide copies of Romania companies Memorandum of Association which includes, the company name, registered office, registered agent, business activities, share capital the company is authorised to issue, objects and powers of the Romania company. Company Articles of Association are a statutory company document which form the company's constitution and internal rules under which the Romania company will be run.

Director's Report & Accounts/ Situaţiile Financiare Anuale

We can provide latest Director's Report & Accounts for Romania Registered Companies. Company accounts filed at the Romania companies registry vary according to the classification of the company.

Shareholder List

The shareholders' register, contains a list of the shareholders and the amount of shares they hold, and the amount paid-up on each share.

Company Directors

Companies have a legal obligation to maintain certain company registers, we can provide details of the registered company directors for Romania companies.

Romania Company Documents

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Romania Document Fees
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  • Express Search - an additional £75