Norway Ready Made Company

Purchasing a ready made company offers substantial benefits over registering a new company, with regards to time, complexity and specifically in Norway's case the personal liability of the person forming the company. The incorporation process in Norway takes approximately two weeks, compared with purchasing a ready made company that is authorised to begin trading immediately after purchase.

Corporate Benefits

A major advantage to purchasing a ready made company is the corporate benefits it offers regarding company reputation, credibility and image.

Despite having no business activity we fully maintain accounts and records for these Norwegian companies, giving them a solid, stable and positive financial and business history. This offers the following benefits (not offered to newly registered companies):

  • Company comes with a full history
  • Corporate image and reputation enhances with age, implying a stable position
  • Investors see longstanding companies as less risky
  • Allows certain contract bidding - certain contracts require a fixed business age before bidding is allowed
  • Clients are more likely to trust and conduct business with companies that have a stable history
  • Suppliers are more likely to conduct business with and offer trade credit to longstanding established companies
  • Banks look more favourably upon companies that have a proven track records, hence loans, credit cards, leases, etc are easier to obtain

Upon acquisition of the company you will receive all financial documents, accounts and reports.


Upon purchase of your company ownership is transferred to you via share transfer, following the standard share transfer procedure. Once transferred new share certificates are issued confirming ownership.

The Norwegian Company Registry must be notified of any share transfers as shares must be registered with he Norwegian Central Securities Depository; hence the new owner of a ready made company must register their ownership upon takeover.

Ready Made Company

Ready made Private Limited companies in Norway have never traded and have no liabilities or obligations. Our ready made companies in Norway come fully registered with:

  • Fully prepared, drafted and submitted Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Company name approved and registered
  • Initial share capital fully paid up in the company bank account
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued
  • Full registration with the Norwegian authorities

Our Norwegian ready made companies are registered using neutral names and with a wide range of business objects to suit a magnitude of business activities. In order to allow your ready made company to be molded to your exact specification it is possible to change the company name, business objects and registered address on request.

Upon the acquisition of the company a general meeting must be held for the purpose of establishing new amendments (if required) to the Articles and Memorandum of Association - this can also be used to elect board members, change business objects, etc. The details of the general meeting and its amendments must be registered with he Norwegian Company Registry.

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