Mauritius Company Formations

The Companies Division of the Mauritius Corporation and Business Registration department is responsible for the incorporation of offshore companies. Mauritius companies are regulated under the Companies Act 2001. Companies registered in Mauritius benefit from tax treaties and also their is no capital gains and dividend withholding tax.

Company Formations

We are able to incorporate a company for you in Mauritius. The most common forms of incorporation in this country are the Global Business Category 1 (GBC 1) and the Global Business Category 2 (GBC 2).

  • Company holding a Category I Global Business Licence
  • Company holding a Category 2 Global Business Licence - formerly International Companies. Companies holding a Category 2 Global Business License cannot trade within Mauritius.

A company holding a Category 2 Global Business License is often used for trading and investment, these companies are not resident for tax purposes. Beneficial ownership of a company holding a Category 2 Business Licence is not disclosed to the authorities. A Mauritius Company holding a Category 2 Global Business License is, non-resident for tax purposes.

Changes to the constitution, directors, authorised agents or their addresses, registered office and name must be notified to the Registrar within a month of the change.

Global Business Category 1

GBC 1 companies are considered as resident in this jurisdiction, hence benefit from various Double Taxation Treaties that Mauritius holds with other countries. The business license obtained by GBC 1 companies is extremely broad and allows the company to engage in almost any business activity, although for certain financial services additional licenses from the Financial Services Commission (FSC) are required.

GBC 1 companies are permitted to trade within Mauritius and with residents, on the condition that prior approval from the FSC is granted.

GBC 1 companies are required to prepare and file annual audited financial statements, in accordance with International Acceptable Accounting Standards, within 6 months following the financial year end. This is in addition to keeping company registers, accounting records, directors' reports, meeting minutes and other reporting documents at the companies registered office. This information is not available for public inspection.

All companies must have a registered office in Mauritius where documents may be legally served and corporate records may be kept. We are able to provide this for you as part of our incorporation package.

Once incorporated, GBC 1 entities may be converted into GBC 2 entities.

GBC 1 Directors

  • Minimum of two directors
  • Must be Mauritius residents - in order to benefit from treaties
  • Director board meetings must be held in Mauritius
  • Corporate directors are not permitted
  • Resident company secretary must be appointed
  • Must appoint local auditor

GBC 1 Share Capital & Shareholders

  • Both individual and corporate entities are permitted as shareholders
  • No minimum share capital
  • Share capital may be in any currency except the Mauritius Rupee
  • Both share of par or no par value are allowed
  • Registered, redeemable, preference, voting rights and non-voting rights shares are permitted
  • Must file corporate shareholder register with the FSC, but this register is not available for public inspection
  • Shareholders must hold an annual general meeting within 6 months following the financial year end

Global Business Category 2

A Category 2 Global Business Company is required to have a Registered Agent in Mauritius. A Management Company must act as the Registered Agent of a company holding a GBC 2 licence.

GBC 2 entities are used for the purpose of holding assets and conducting business outside of Mauritius, they are not considered to be resident in this jurisdiction and therefore do not benefit from the countries double taxation treaties. However, all income generated (provided it is generated outside Mauritius) is completely tax exempt.

GBC 2 entities are required to prepare financial accounts, but these do not need to be audited, filed or be available for public inspection.

GBC 2 Directors

  • Only one director is required
  • Does not need to be resident in Mauritius
  • Details of directors are not available to the public
  • May be individuals or corporate entities
  • Director board meetings may be held anywhere in the world
  • Not required to appoint company secretary

GBC 2 Share Capital & Shareholders

  • Minimum share capital $1
  • Share capital may be expressed in any currency except Mauritius Rupee
  • Only one shareholder is required
  • Shareholder does not need to reside in Mauritius
  • Details of shareholders are not available for public inspection
  • Shareholder meetings may be held anywhere in the world

Registry Filing Requirements

All domestic Mauritius companies must file an Annual Return together with accounts, failure to file the Annual Return is an offence and the company may be liable for prosecution. Mauritius Companies holding a Category 2 Global Business License are required to maintain financial statements but, not required to file accounts with the authorities.

Annual Licence Fee

There is an annual fee payable to the Registrar of Companies under Part I of the Twelfth Schedule of the Companies Act 2001, this must be paid to ensure the company or commercial partnership remains in good standing.

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Mauritius Fees to Incorporate
  • Time - 10 days to incorporate your Mauritius company
  • Company Formation - £1440
  • Provision of Registered Office - £650
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  • Company Name - so we can check your company name is available
  • Documents - proof of address and copy of your passport
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