Marshall Islands Ready Made Company

It takes approximately 5 - 10 days to incorporate a new company in the Marshall Islands, with a number of procedures to follow in order to fully register a company. Purchasing a ready made company dispenses with both the time and procedures to incorporate. As incorporation agents we have fully registered the company and put it on a 'shelf' to 'age'; hence why ready made companies are also known as shelf or aged companies. We have a range of shelf companies available dating as far back as 2011. Shelf companies are particular popular if a company is required urgently.

Marshall Islands companies are fully registered and authorised to commence trading immediately:

  • Fully prepared, drafted and submitted Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • All official Statutes associated with the company formation
  • Registered address
  • Approved and registered company name
  • Certificate of Incorporation issued
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • Registration number issued, allowing the company to begin trading immediately

Certain aspects of a ready made company may be changed upon request, such as company name, business objects and registered address. Our company names are kept neutral and business objects are wide ranging.

Although accounting and reporting standards in the Marshall Islands are relatively relaxed, Our ready made companies have been fully maintained regarding financial statements, annual returns and other company documentation. This gives the shelf company a stable, credible and positive history offering substantial benefits:

  • Corporate image and reputation is enhanced with age
  • Company age is seen as a stability and credibility indicator
  • Clients are more likely to look favourably upon a business with a solid history
  • Supplier are more likely to trust and conduct business with a long standing established business
  • Credit, loans and other financial products are more easily accessible to a business with a stable history
  • Investors see long standing companies as carrying lower risk


Ownership of the company will be transferred through share transfer. Once completed the new shareholder(s) will receive share certificates confirming ownership. Shares may be registered or bearer shares, and shareholders may be of any residency or nationality.

Directors and Management

Once purchased, company directors must be appointed, who may be individuals or corporate entities. Directors are appointed by completion of a transfer document, signed by the owner. Alternatively, we are able to complete this process for you if granted Power of Attorney.

Once the new directors have been appointed they will receive copies of all official company documentation, such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association and secretarial forms.

The Marshall Islands offers a great deal of confidentiality; records of directors and shareholders must be kept but are not available for public inspection.

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