Lebanon Company Formations

We incorporate limited liability companies in more than 40 countries, our experience and relationship with the companies registry means, we can incorporate your Lebanese Private Limited company, according to your specifications.

Benefits of a Lebanon Company

  • We offer our clients a reliable company formation service in Lebanon
  • It is not necessary to visit Lebanon to complete your incorporation
  • Our companies incorporation system comply with the Lebanon Companies Acts

Lebanon Ministry of Economics and Trade requirements

To incorporate a Lebanon company the following is required for the company registrar:

  • Proposed Company Name
  • Description of Company Activities
  • Shareholders Details
  • Company Directors Details
  • Lebanon Registered Office Address
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association - which we draft for you.

Lebanon Company Name

We check that your Lebanon company name is acceptable and is not already incorporated with the Lebanon Companies Registry.

Directors & Shareholders

The minimum shareholders is 3, who can be of any nationality. The management of the Company may be entrusted to one or several directors. There is no obligation for managers / directors to be partners The managers are designated by the Company's Articles of Incorporation or by subsequent deeds or assemblies' resolution for a limited or unlimited period of time. The manager can be of any nationality, but if a foreigner is appointed as a manager, then he must obtain work and residency permits, which is not difficult to do, and we can assist in that.

Lebanon Commercial Representation

Commercial representation is governed and defined by a Legislative Decree of 1967 according to which a commercial agent may negotiate for the conclusion of sales or the supply of services on behalf of his principal .Commercial representation means to be an agent of a foreign brand. As foreign shareholders, the company cannot be an agent of a foreign brand. Commercial agency representation is reserved for companies with Lebanese shareholders only.

  • The agent can act, in this case, in the name of and for the accounts of the principal.
  • An agreement granting exclusive representation or distributorship to a person is considered as an agency agreement and may be granted only to Lebanese nationals
  • If commercial representation is important for the client, we can check to see if there are any loopholes somewhere.
  • Incorporation is 1 day after the preparation of all the papers, the signature of the required documents in front of a Notary Public and the deposit of the Capital in a bank account.

However, the full procedure of appointing the lawyer, documentation, preparation of the articles, notarisation, bank deposit, registration, getting work commencement certificate, tax registration, the whole procedure is around 8 days. This however does not include VAT registration, which takes an 7 days, and can be done at a later time. By law an Sarl company must have an appointed lawyer, and the normal fees for this as set by the Lebanese lawyers syndicate.

Saying that, our incorporation fees include the lawyers fees to be appointed for the registration as required by law, and to carry out all the needed work for the incorporation, and there is no extra fixed yearly fees ( a saving of $4000 / year). If legal services are needed during the operation of the company, then charges will be negotiated on a case by case depending on the legal work required. Of course after incorporation, the company can decide to appoint a different lawyer if they choose to.

Company Incorporation Documents

Once incorporated we provide a set of corporate documents for your Lebanon company which, includes the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association the Articles of Association, first minutes and share certificates. Copies of the company incorporation documents are sent via email and the originals from the companies registry are sent to you in a corporate folder.

Registered Office

Your Lebanon company must have a registered office, which must be a physical address in Lebanon. The registered office is where documents may be legally served on the company. we provide this registered office service in Lebanon.

Company Directors and Shareholders

  • Directors and Shareholders may be of any nationality
  • The names of directors and shareholders are filed at the companies registry
  • There is no requirement to appoint a Lebanon resident director
  • The shareholders of the Lebanon company can be either corporations or individuals

To start the incorporation of your Lebanon company we initially only require, the proposed company name, details of the company directors, shareholders and the proposed activities.

Ready Made Companies

These do not exist in the Lebanon.

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Lebanon Advantages
  • Time - 8 days to incorporate your company
  • Directors - only 1 director of any nationality is necessary for your company
  • Shareholders - only 3 shareholder are required
  • Registered Office - your company requires a registered office in Lebanon, which we can provide
  • Support - using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process
Required to Proceed
  • Company Name - We can check your company name is available
  • Passport - colour scan of your passport
  • Documents - copy of a utility bill, credit card or bank statement showing your private address
  • Start now - complete here
  • Upload - proof of address & copy passport can be uploaded here