Latvia Ready Made Company

Ready made companies are available in Latvia, and offer a good alternative to registering a new company. Ready made, or shelf, companies are registered and are kept with no business activity, metaphorically put on the shelf. It is possible to purchase a Latvian company without the need to visit Latvia, with no restrictions placed on the nationality and residency of shareholders and directors.

The major advantages to purchasing a ready made company are:

  • Speed - It takes approximately 12 days to incorporate a new company in Latvia, shelf companies can commence trading on the day of ownership transfer
  • Ease of incorporation - the complex formalities required to register a new company are already complete
  • Reputation and Image - The company has a stable history, effecting the opinions of potential suppliers and clients
  • Banks and credit institutions may look more favourable on an established company that has been active for many years, as this indicates the company is trustworthy and in a stable position

Shelf Companies

  • Fully prepared, drafted, submitted and approved Articles and Memorandum of Association
  • Company names approved and registered
  • Company registered address
  • Certificates of Incorporation received
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • All documents translated into Latvian, as required by the Latvian Commercial Registry

Our companies have no debts, liabilities or receivables and have been maintained up to Latvian accounting and reporting standards. This includes completing a submitting financial statements, annual returns, etc that you will receive upon purchase.

Our companies are registered for the purpose of sale, hence natural names are chosen (E.g. Investments, Property) along with a wide variety of business objects. It is possible to change the company name, business objects and registered address of your Latvian company if necessary.

After purchase of the ready made company, shares will be transferred via a Share Transfer Contract to the new owner with new share transfer certificates being issued. New directors must be appointed on the day of purchase, done by completing and signing the necessary documentation. We are able to complete these documents on your behalf if granted Power of Attorney. Upon appointment, the new directors will receive copies of all official documentation pertaining to the company. E.g. Certificate of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association and secretarial forms.

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