Hungary Ready Made Company

Our Hungarian shelf companies are fully registered and able to commence trading immediately, these companies have never conducted any business activities and have no debts, liabilities or receivables.

As our shelf companies are fully incorporated and have:

  • Fully prepared and drafted Articles and Memorandum of Association, along with all other statutory documents
  • Company name approved and registered
  • Company address registered
  • Certificates of Incorporation issued
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • Registration with the Registrar of companies at the Ministry of Justice
  • Registered with the Ministry of Finance, Customs and VAT Department

This ensures when you take ownership of your company that it is fully registered and authorised to begin trading immediately and with ownership transfer documents not needing to be signed in Hungary. Share transfers is done through standard Share Transfer Contracts. When the shelf company is purchased the company shares will be transferred to the new owner, and share transfer certificates will be issued.

Our ready made Hungarian companies are all international business companies with a wide range of business objects, many aspects of the shelf company may be changed upon request:

  • Registered Address
  • Company Name - subject to the new proposed name being approved by the Hungarian authorities
  • Company Seal
  • Business objects may be added or removed
  • Directors may be changed at a later date
  • Shareholders may be changed at a later date

Shelf companies are fully maintained up to Hungarian accounting and reporting standards, with annual reports, financial statements, etc all being submitted annually to give the company a full history. This is a benefit, not available to newly formed Hungarian companies:

  • Company image and reputation is established, the company has been established for a number of years with a clean financial history
  • Clients are more likely to conduct business with established companies
  • Suppliers are more likely to trust and conduct business with established companies
  • The length of time a company has been incorporated for often displays how stable and secure the business is - a major indicator used by banks issuing loans, leases, credit cards, etc

Upon purchase of a shelf company you will receive all financial documentation from the date of incorporation until the date of purchase.

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Hungary Company Formation
  • It takes 2 weeks to incorporate your Hungarian company.
  • 1 director of any nationality is required
  • 1 shareholder of any nationality is required
  • To order your Hungarian company click here.