Finland Company Formations

Finland Company Incorporation

Our experience and relationship with the Finnish Trade Register (Kaupparekisteri) means, we can incorporate your Finnish Osakeyhtiö (Oy), equivalent to a UK Limited Limited Company, according to your specifications.

Finnish Trade Register & Register of Foundations

To incorporate a Finnish Osakeyhtiö (Oy) the following is required for the Finnish Trade Register & Register of Foundations:

  • Proposed Company Name
  • Brief Description of Company Activities
  • Shareholders Details
  • Company Directors Details
  • Finnish Registered Office Address
  • Amount of Share Capital
  • Proof of capital payment - certificate from bank
  • If the share capital is paid with other assets than cash, an account from an authorised auditor
  • If a person without a Finnish personal identity code is a Director, a certified copy of his or her passport
  • If a foreign company subscribes for shares, an extract from the register in the company’s home country
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association - which we draft for you

Every Osakeyhtiö (Oy) is obliged to file a Start-up Notification with the Trade Register and a limited liability company must be reported for registration within three months from the signing of the Memorandum of Association.

New companies obtain a Business ID as soon as the start-up has been given to the Business Information System. This code acts like a personal identity code for your company when it begins to trade.

Share Capital

The minimum share capital for a Finnish Limited Liability Company is €2,500. The capital must be paid in full into a Finnish bank account. The company registration documents may be used to open this business bank account and once the share capital is paid in full the company can be entered into the Finnish Trade Register.

Company Shareholders

A minimum of one shareholder is required for your Finnish company, with at least one shareholder being a permanent resident of Finland or have domicile in the European Economic Area. The national Board of Patents and Registration is able to grant exemptions to this rule in certain circumstances. Persons from outside the EU or EEA establishing a business in Finland need a permit from the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland.

All shares generally carry equal rights in the company but, if states in the Articles of Association, they may differ - for example in voting power.

A computerised shareholder register is kept containing information on shareholders and their holdings which is publicly available.

Company Directors

It is required to have between one to five Members of the Board of Directors, where at least one resident in Finland or the European Economic Area (EEA). Shareholder and director meetings are mandatory, and is is possible to attend by way of proxy. The Ordinary General Meeting must be held within six months of the end of the financial period.

Company Names

We will check your proposed Finnish company name is acceptable and not already incorporated with the Finnish Trade Register or pending with the Register of Foundations. Certain company names are prohibited, such as names suggesting the patronage of any government and the trade name of private limited companies must include the words "osakeyhtiö" or the abbreviation "oy" to denote private limited company.

Company Incorporation Documents

Once incorporated we provide a set of corporate documents for your Finland company which, includes the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association the Articles of Association and share certificates. Copies of the company incorporation documents are sent via email and the originals from the companies registry are sent to you in a corporate folder.

Registered Office

Your company must have a registered office in Finland, this is where documents may be legally served - we can provide a registered office in Finland.

General Meetings

An annual general meeting for a Finnish company is mandatory, and must be held within six months of the end of the company's financial year - unless a shorter term is specified in the Articles of Association. Attendance to this meeting is possible by way of proxy.

Public Information

All information is submitted to the National Board of Patents and Registrations, which acts as the trade register of Finland. All businesses must be legally registered with the trade register and must notify the register of any changes to the company, ensuring the information held is up-to-date. This information is publicly accessible upon request to the National Board of Patents and Registrations.

Financial Statements

The National Board of Patents and Registrations of Finland is the official register for Finnish companies, and is the governing body that companies must submit their accounts, reports and registers to. Once incorporated and providing all the necessary accounting and reporting documents have been submitted, a Certificate of Good Standing is issued and the company is authorised to trade.

Auditing Requirements

A company only needs to appoint a certified auditor if two of the following conditions are met:

  • Balance sheets exceeds €100,000
  • Turnover exceeds €200,000
  • average number of employees exceeds three

Finland Ready Made Company

Our Ready Made companies have not traded and are in good standing. Our Finnish Ready Made companies are all Limited Liability Companies, with fully paid up share capital.

When a company is purchased, we will prepare the application for the VAT number and registration and submit it if the client requires it (included in the cost)

We obtain a passport copy from you, prepare documentation the same day and send to you for signing. After the documentation is returned to us it will take approx 10 days in the Finnish business registry to process all the changes. The VAT registration takes about 1 month in Finland.

Ready-made company with a bank account (NORDEA bank), application for VAT and other registries: (1 board member, 1 substitute member - the substitute member is always needed, no signature though, just a person who has to be noted as contact).

Finnish Ready Made Package:

  • Fully prepared and drafted Articles and Memorandum of Association, plus other statutory documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Finnish company registered address - may be changed upon request
  • Finnish company name approved and registered - may be changed upon request, subject to the new chosen name being within the laws governing company names
  • Initial share capital fully paid up
  • Accounting, reporting and auditing documents all produced, maintained and submitted to the Finnish Trade Registry - E.g. Annual returns, Financial Statements, auditors reports, etc.
  • No need to visit Finland to obtain ownership of a shelf company
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Finland Advantages
  • Time - 3 - 4 weeks to incorporate your company
  • Directors - one to five Members of the Board of Directors are necessary for your company
  • Directors - at least one director must be a resident of Finland or the EEA
  • Share Capital - the minimum share capital requirement is €2,500
  • Shareholders - only one shareholder is required
  • Shareholders - at least one shareholder must be a permanent resident of Finland or the EEA
  • Registered Office - your company requires a registered office in Finland, which we can provide
  • Travel - It is not necessary to visit Finland to complete your incorporation
  • Support - using our 20 years experience we guide you throughout every step of the company formation process
Required to Proceed
  • Company Name - We can check your company name is available
  • Passport - colour scan of your passport
  • Documents - copy of a utility bill, credit card or bank statement showing your private address
  • Start now - complete here
  • Upload - proof of address & copy passport can be uploaded here